NASA’s Mars helicopter needs to install a “software update” before the test flight

Ingenuity mars helicopter

Ingenuity mars helicopter

After carefully examining the data, the scientists determined that the earlier problems encountered by the Witt Mars helicopter were due to errors in the “command sequence”. After considering and testing various possibilities,The team believes to modify and reinstall the WIT’s flight control software, Is the best solution. Although modifying the Gizwits software itself is not a big trouble, scientists need more time to test to ensure that the process is foolproof. At the same time, it will take some time to update the new software OTA to Mars.

Once the update is completed, the Gizwits will perform another high-speed propeller start test to ensure that there is no problem in switching the control system from ground mode to flight mode. Therefore, the team can only say that “next week” will probably be the exact flight. The date is set.

At the same time, Perseverance is still doing its own related preparations, including the upcoming launch of a very critical subsidiary experiment “MOXIE”. MOXIE is a square box about 24x24x30 cm on the right side of the Perseverance. Its main job is to use electricity to electrolyze carbon dioxide in the air into carbon monoxide and oxygen at a high temperature of 800 degrees Celsius, and measure whether the amount of oxygen produced is consistent. expected. In the future, if astronauts want to go to Mars, using the same technology to produce oxygen can greatly reduce the amount of oxygen that a spacecraft needs to carry. It is an indispensable set of equipment to supplement the survival of astronauts and rocket fuel.

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