NASA’s Wit little Mars helicopter has flown 1 mile away




NASA’s Ingenuity small Mars helicopter can be said to be a new record every time it takes off, but unknowingly, it has flew 10 times in more than three months since it first flew on April 19 , And accumulated a total mileage of 1 mile (1.6 km). The most recent flight is by far the most complicated one. Not only did the total flight distance reach 95 meters, it also broke the previous altitude record and reached an altitude of 12.2 meters.

After initially “proving” that it is feasible to fly with a rotor on Mars, Witt was transferred to work for the Perseverance Mars rover, taking pictures of the terrain ahead that might interest scientists and deciding whether to go. . The 10th flight was to take pictures in an area called “Raised Ridges”.

Since the witty number has greatly exceeded the originally scheduled “use period”, it is not known how long it will continue to operate. But every flight is to collect more relevant data for NASA scientists and engineers, so one more flight is one time.