NASCAR’s Twitter reacts to missing Daytona 500 crash

What is the worst thing that can happen during the period daytona 500No, not the “Big One”, but a crash that seemingly eats up an entire field of drivers.?I am a horse racing fan watch on tv Missed the shipwreck due to a commercial break.

Sports fans vs. ad breaks is a rivalry as old as Dale Earnhardt vs. Jeff Gordon. But Sunday’s Fox Sports had bad timing.

Just as Fox was transitioning to commercials showing the race, Kevin Harvick pushed Tyler Reddick in Turn 4, setting off a chain reaction involving about 10 cars. The problem is, fans watching on TV didn’t see the wreck live because the graphics took up the screen at the moment the wreck happened.

Ross Chastain, Kyle Larson, Eric Jones, Chase Elliott, Ryan Blaney and Daniel Suarez were involved in the accident. But here’s what Fox viewers saw:

Chastain rallied to win the stage. This is not what some angry fans can say about their viewing experience.

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NASCAR Twitter reacts to Fox commercial

Let’s hope the next big thing that happens at the 500 is commercial-free.

This article originally appeared in the Daytona Beach News Journal. Daytona 500 fans react to Fox commercial during crash at NASCAR race