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How Frank Runz created confusion within the Los Angeles Times

Photo Illustration: The Daily Beast / Getty Republican pollster Frank Luntz’s work plagues the Los Angeles Times Earlier this month, the Washington Post worked for decades in Republican politics and the television network. Luntz, a veteran political strategist who has led the Focus Group on behalf of, reported: And other media organizations last year were political action committee members managed by House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy. The pollster was being paid for by the congress. Elections on the condition that he was not cooperating with candidates or partisan organizations. Y updated several last year’s items on the Focus Group in the Times. “The pollster convening pollster Frank Luntz has mistakenly stated that he is not working for a political party in the 2020 election cycle,” he said. Embarrassment also said. Pollster opened an old wound in the newsroom, which was previously the subject of internal tensions and concerns expressed by newspaper staff. Luntz is a well-known pollster with decades of experience. Has been a Republican political activist since the early 1990s, helping Congressman Newtgingrich draft a contract with the United States, and other Republican figures such as former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Pat Buchanan. Advised. For years, Luntz has made media appearances, political activities, hosted focus groups, and regularly appeared on Fox News and CBS News, which have contributor contracts. His pay-TV job seemed to slow in recent years, but Runz didn’t respond. Has continued to partner with major media outlets during the elections in response to requests for comment on this article, and has held a small focus group to explore the motives of the average American voter. Just last week, he held a session on George Floyd’s conservative views and was featured in the New York Times Opinion section. Also, a recent Runz session with Vaccine-Resistant Republicans was highlighted in This American Life and The Washington Post. LA Times Billionaire’s Daughter Is Tinkering With the Paper. And the staff welcomes it. Last year, the Los Angeles Times gave Lunz a round of such group sessions following one of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Preliminary Debates. Informed sources told The Daily Beast that the paper owner, Patrick Sunsion, was interested in a focus group run by Luntz, and Luntz called LA. A billionaire in the pharmaceutical industry based (both Lunz and McCarthy are pursuing a COVID vaccine clinical trial by Sun Zion, Salon reported further). The move raised concerns among some Times staff, especially some journalists in unions covering elections, who consulted political organizations, including Trump administration officials. I felt that he gave his investigation an essentially right-handed partisan inclination. The then editors, Nome Pearlstein, Scott Kraft, and Shani Hilton, spoke to analysts on political activity and methodologies. He told management that union staff refused to include buylines in Lantz-related content because of caution. Occasionally openly annoyed survey participants who felt biased towards specific candidates or ideas. The newspaper, which had already recorded a focus group with key Democratic voters, reported the content last summer. Decided to move from the section to Opinion Vertical. Staff thought the issue was largely resolved, but only a few months later, following a debate between the President and Vice President, the newspaper focused on Runz. Many journalists and some media leaders were surprised when they decided to conduct the second round of the reporter’s in a message posted on an internal Slack channel dedicated to journalist ethics. Michael Finnegan has a variety of political issues with senior Trump administration officials.More specifically, he did not respond to requests for comment, but Finnegan said he was concerned about the words of the story claiming that Lunz was not working for candidates or political parties during the 2020 elections. Opinion pollers had informally advised the Trump administration during his tenure, a Times reporter told colleagues: “How to talk to senior Trump administration officials about immigration, trade, education, and more.” Advising is a conflict of interest for him. Mr. Finnegan wrote: “Then, to evaluate the debate between Mr. Trump and Mr. Byden, of independent voters. He argued that it was an unbiased way to bring together the LA Times focus group. ”A heated poll was conducted over various perspectives not properly reporting on the non-white community in South California. Later, it was a source of frustration in the newsroom. Some people encouraged survey participants to engage in what they felt was a racial and gender stereotype for Sen at the time. Kamala Harris, including comments on her facial expression and her liking. “It’s bad enough that his panelists tend to trample these stereotypes unchecked. But it’s hard to be surprised that they’re the same. Another Times staff member was unaware of Luntz’s partisan activity during the 2020 elections. Times opinion editor Seawell Chan told a colleague that he had not received compensation from candidates, political parties or committees during the election. However, as Salon pointed out this week, the company of Lunts is SoCal. In the days before and after the Focus Group was held in collaboration with the base paper, it was paid multiple times by the Republican leader PAC. (Salon also Lunts’ 2018 reelection campaign for Senator Ted Cruz. He reported that he did not disclose his work, but hosted several focus groups for Vice News. In a note sent to staff on Friday, Chan defended the decision to host the focus group. They claimed to have provided “interesting insights into the minds of undecided voters” and said the paper did not present Lunz’s work as a scientific sample. Still, he complained to pollers. Seems to have acted swiftly to update past content. In addition, he contributed to the opinion section as pollers did not disclose their work as Republican leaders. He suggested that he was unlikely to return as a person. Clarifying McCarthy’s connection to PAC will ensure that his ethical failure will affect our thinking if he wants to be an opinion contributor again, “Chan wrote. I am. However, unfortunately the newspaper provided production support and hosted the video on its website, Luntz was initially a politics led by Congressman Kevin McCarthy (Republican-Backersfield), a minority leader in the House of Representatives. Did not reveal his work on the action committee. I think the discussions with voters during the campaign were valuable when the focus group took place, “said spokeswoman Hillary Manning. While many leftists have been critical of Runz and his focus groups for years, veteran strategists have increased scrutiny from conservatives in recent weeks. Fox News Golden Hour moderator earlier this month. Tucker Carlson was furious with his show, saying that by providing advice to large companies, Luntz was increasingly committed to a “liberal cause.” Right-wing media stars also reported that a minority leader in the House of Representatives once rented a room in a luxurious Washington, DC home for veteran pollsters. Read more in The Daily Beast. Any tips? Please send to the Daily Beast. Get top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.