National Bank PlayStation 5 starting at 3,099 yuan

PlayStation 5


After almost half a year after being officially released overseas, Sony’s latest generation console, PlayStation 5, finally officially entered China today. Like the international version, the domestically sold PS5 will also be divided into a digital version that depends on downloading and a CD-ROM version that can be inserted into CD-ROMs. The corresponding prices are 3,099 and 3,899 yuan respectively. The DualSense handle that came with the new host is sold at a single price of 529 yuan. There are also Pulse 3D headsets, HD cameras, and handle charging docks, which are priced at 749, 449, and 229 yuan, respectively. With the launch of PS5, Sony will also simultaneously launch PS Plus collections including 12 games in the country, including “Wind Journey”, “Final Fantasy 15”, “Horizon: Zero Dawn, Ice, Dust and Snow” and other 12 games.

The new product will start pre-sale at 12 noon today, and the official launch time is May 15th. As for the game, “Original God”, “Azabuzai Adventure”, “Ricky and Dingdong: Time and Space Jump” have been confirmed to land on the National Bank platform. In addition, Sony also played “Marvel Spider-Man” at the press conference. : Promos of Miles Merales, Horizon: Western Forbidden Land, and GT Racing 7.

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