National Guard defenders shoot down his sixth Russian Su-25 attack aircraft at Igra MANPADS


Valentina Romanenko — Sunday, July 17th, 14:49

On July 17, a 19-year-old Ukrainian National Guard recruiter used IglaMAN PADS to attack a sixth Russian plane.

sauce: National Guard Press Service FacebookAnd talk to Ukrainska Pravda

Quote: “Around 10 pm on July 16th, he shot down a cruise missile, and the next morning he added it to a collection of planes down on another Su aircraft!

Currently, the National Guard defenders have six enemy SU-25 aircraft and one Russian cruise missile under their belts. “

detail: The National Guard press confirmed to Ukrainska Pravda that: After shooting down 3 planesMilitary personnel won the highest state award-“Ukrainian hero” star.

The name of the National Guard defender, nicknamed “The Polyja Avenger,” has not been revealed.

The National Guard has released a short video demonstrating Igla MANPADS, where fighters are the “girlfriends” of combat.