National Review editors accuse Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of being a “fool” of editorial-damaging infrastructure claims

Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham, R, South Carolina, spoke at a press conference at the US Capitol on March 5, 2021. Alex Won / Getty Images

  • Editor Philip Klein has blown up Senator Graham about his stance on the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

  • Graham criticized democratic attempts to link negotiated legislation with reconciliation bills.

  • In his editorial, Klein claims that Republicans have been “fooled” by President Biden.

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Friday’s conservative National Review Online editor called Senator Lindsey Graham a “fool” who believed that President Joe Biden would approve a bipartisan infrastructure bill without a Democratic-led reconciliation bill.

In the editorial column, Philip Klein gave a stern assessment of the South Carolina Republican Party’s political insights.

“Senator Lindsey Graham is a fool,” he wrote. “Don’t take it from me. Take it from Graham himself.”

At the end of last month, Biden broadly praised after weeks of bipartisan efforts to create infrastructure contracts. $ 1 trillion legislative compromise.. But when the president tied the signing of the bill to another settlement bill, Republicans in the group barked.

Biden quickly traced his comments back. Perception A threat of veto power, it reassured Republicans that he had committed to a bipartisan bill.

“This is the point. I promised to support infrastructure planning. That’s what I’m trying to do.” Biden said in a statement last month.. “I will actively pursue the passage of that plan agreed upon by the Democrats and Republicans … it’s good for the economy, for our country, for our people. I’m booking and Fully support it without hesitation. “

Graham rages at Biden’s previous statement, Blame the president Make Republicans “look like idiots” in an attempt to connect the two bills.

But Klein said, “Still a week later, Graham returned to a bipartisan agreement, citing a statement Biden made to reassure Republicans.”

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Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi of California on Wednesday Said The Democratic-controlled chamber of commerce will not pick up the bipartisan infrastructure bill until it sees the Senate bill pass a settlement.

“Our caucuses are very pleased with the bipartisan agreement that the president was able to achieve cooperation between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate,” Pelosi said at the time. “What I said last week, and again now, in the House of Representatives, that particular version is that if you look at what the budget parameters of the budget proposal the Senate passes through, it will be taken up. . “

The Democratic Party wants to pursue a larger bill through the Senate, using a reconciliation budget process that can survive in the 50-50 Senate with unanimous support and a tiebreaker vote from Vice President Kamala Harris.

The second bill will focus on long-standing democratic priorities, including childcare, health care and climate change, among other issues.

Klein said in Pelosi’s comment, “Both Democrats and the White House in Congress consider the two bills to be linked. It seems that Graham and the rest of the Republicans don’t understand it. Only members participate in the charade. “

He concluded that: “Republicans signing on to this hot trash pile should be laughed at for being fooled by Biden. As Graham himself said,’You’re like an idiot now.'”

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