NATO considers deploying up to 300,000 troops on Russian border

NATO is discussing the need to strengthen its eastern border with Russia by concentrating equipment and a military force of up to 300,000 soldiers to prevent Russia from extending the war beyond Ukraine.

sauce: Politico

detail: Politico writes that NATO intends to block Russia if it decides to extend the war beyond Ukraine. For this reason, the alliance is discussing the need to strengthen its eastern border and send up to 300,000 troops to the border.

Such actions require coordination and significant efforts by the 30 NATO member states to provide soldiers, training facilities and large amounts of weapons, equipment and ammunition.

However, the news agency stresses that many allies are already concerned about ammunition shortages, and replenishment will take time and money, so coordination may be difficult.

Politico writes that NATO military leaders are due to submit an updated regional defense plan. Allies have put forward the idea that the border with Russia should be guarded with up to 300,000 troops, news outlets report.

Note that the first stage of NATO forces could consist of around 100,000 soldiers ready for deployment within 10 days. Might include troops from Poland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

A second-phase army will support these soldiers and is ready to be deployed from countries such as Germany within 10 to 30 days, Politico wrote.

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