NATO fears Russia is preparing to test Poseidon nuclear torpedo for the first time


Russian 'Doomsday Weapon' Can Move Underwater, Causes Tsunami When Exploded

Russian ‘Doomsday Weapon’ Can Move Underwater, Causes Tsunami When Exploded

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According to the newspaper, the main NATO command has received reports over the past few days regarding the movement of the nuclear-powered submarine Belgorod, which can carry Poseidon torpedoes.

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It is seen as “the epitome of a new concept of warfare,” writes La Repubblica. Belgorod said it is often referred to in the context of sabotaging the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

“But Western intelligence is confident that (the submarine) has not crossed the White Sea (in northern Russia),” the paper wrote. “Actually, it should appear next in the Arctic Ocean for a series of secret tests.”

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Nuclear submarine BS-329 Belgorod was originally built as Project 949A Antei submarine (NATO classification – Oscar II). However, that was changed during construction. At 184 meters, the submarine is currently the longest submarine in existence. Belgorod was officially transferred to the Russian Navy on 8 July 2022.

The main difference is Belgorod Every other nuclear submarine in the world has the potential to carry a Poseidon nuclear torpedo, capable of traveling hundreds of miles underwater and detonating near shore to create a “nuclear tsunami”.

At the same time, the United States created a network of satellites with infrared sensors to accurately record the launches of these Russian weapons.

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Hans Christensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, said the torpedo is still in development. According to him, Poseidon’s combat deployment will not be possible until later in this decade.

And an April report by the Congressional Research Service said it would enter service with the Russian Navy by 2027, wrote US cable news channel CNN.

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