NATO issues a statement laying out “defense preparations” against Russia

NATO issued a long statement on Thursday presenting a defense-prepared doctrine against Russia, condemning Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine “under the strongest possible conditions.”

“We, the heads of state and government of 30 NATO allies, met today to deal with Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which is the greatest threat to the security of the Euro Atlantic in decades. Russia’s war with Ukraine. Is crushing the peace of Europe and causing enormous human suffering and destruction. ” statement Prior to the summit in Brussels.

A NATO statement urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to “stop this war immediately”, to withdraw troops from Ukraine, and to “call Belarus to end its collusion.”

Western leaders are meeting in Brussels on Thursday as reports of the US and European Union tightening sanctions on Russia have surfaced. This week, NATO leaders have shown that Ukraine will receive more military aid and more troops will be dispatched to Central and Eastern Europe in the near future.

However, they could not say that NATO would enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine. This was what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wanted. Leaders also said they would not provide a complete boycott of Russia’s oil and gas, which Zelensky has recently requested.

“We have agreed to strengthen long-term deterrence and defense. According to Reuters, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that after the leaders gathered at NATO headquarters, Ukraine We have also agreed to further support and continue to impose costs on Russia. “

Russian Army
Satellite imagery shows the Russian Army northeast of Ivankiv heading towards Kyiv, Ukraine on February 27, 2022. (Satellite image © 2022 Maxar Technologies / Distribution via Reuters)

A NATO statement Thursday said member states were fully committed to Article 5 of the alliance. It stipulates that an attack on one NATO member state is an attack on all member states.

“In response to Russia’s actions, we have activated NATO’s defense program, deployed elements of NATO Response Force, and under the direct NATO command supported by the Allied domestic deployment, important Air Force and Navy. With the assets of 40,000 troops on the east side, “said the statement. “We have also established four multinational combat groups in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.”

The statement also acknowledged that NATO has been training Ukrainian troops since 2014 after Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula and began supporting the separatist territories of Donbus. It didn’t say how many or what capacity it was.

“Ukraine has the basic right to self-defense under the Charter of the United Nations,” it read. “Since 2014, we have provided extensive support for Ukraine’s ability to exercise its rights. We have trained Ukrainian troops, strengthened their military and capabilities, and their resilience. Was strengthened. “

Meanwhile, NATO members said, “We will continue to provide support in areas such as cybersecurity and protection against threats of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear nature.”

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