NATO mine destroyer spotted on Nordstream 1 in 2015


On September 27, 2022, near Bornholm, Denmark, bubbles reaching the surface of the Baltic Sea from a leak in Nord Stream 2 show disturbances well over a kilometer in diameter.

MOSCOW—A mine destroyer discovered in the Nordstream 1 offshore gas pipeline in 2015 belongs to NATO, a spokesman for Russian energy giant Gazprom said on Monday.

Nord Stream reported that an “ammunition object” had been removed by Swedish forces on that date in 2015, but did not provide details of the object.

Gazprom spokesman Sergey Kupriyanov told Russian state television on Monday that a NATO device called SeaFox was recovered from a depth of about 40 meters and made safe.

According to an excerpt from his television appearance, he said, “The gas transport that was stopped due to the incident has been restored.”

Gazprom owns 51% of Switzerland-based NordStream AG, which operates NordStream 1.

An international investigation is underway into a rupture discovered late last month in the Russian-made Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea bed.

The pipeline that sparked the Ukraine crisis is leaking gas into the Baltic Sea off Denmark and Sweden.