NATO reiterates support for Poland over the illegal immigration crisis in Belarus

On Tuesday, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) expressed concern about the growing crisis at the border between the European Union and Belarus and provided support to Poland.

The head of the alliance said Belarusian authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko is endangering the lives of illegal immigrants by “instrumenting” them as “hybrid tactics against other nations.”

“We are deeply concerned about how the Lukashenko administration uses vulnerable migrants as a hybrid tactic against other countries, and he is endangering the lives of migrants,” NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg said. Secretary-General Lukashenko said. statement..

“We are in solidarity with Poland and other affected allies,” he added, adding that NATO is ready to support and continue to discuss closely with the allies involved.

The EU ambassador last week agreed that the increase in the number of illegal immigrants flying to Belarus to reach the EU border would correspond to Lukashenko’s “hybrid war” as the basis for new sanctions against Minsk.

The new round of sanctions is set to target Belarusian officials, who the EU says have organized the arrival of migrants to avenge the sanctions on Minsk for human rights abuses.

Belarus repeatedly denied such operations and accused all Western misconduct, saying that it was the “victim” of a “hybrid attack” using unconventional warfare tactics, not the EU. Rejected.

Lithuania and Latvia are also struggling to manage the tense immigrant conflict at the border with Belarus, so Stoltenberg went to Poland shortly after announcing plans to request NATO to hold urgent talks. Expressed support for.

Belarus EU
A group of immigrants will move towards the camp along the Belarus-Poland border, join the gathered people and aim to enter the EU member state Poland in the Grodno region on November 12, 2021. .. (LeonidShcheglov / Belta / AFP via Getty Images)

Latvia, a member of the EU and NATO, has 3,000 for previously unannounced military exercises near the Belarus border this weekend as the crisis of illegal immigration along the Belarus-Poland border intensifies. Deployed an army of people.

Military training will begin on Saturday and will continue until December 12. Army spokeswoman Sandra Brale told BNS Newswire.

In a message to Belarus, Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks told national broadcasters that the movement of the country’s troops was “not just for fun.”

Thousands of illegal immigrants recently traveled to Belarus hoping to cross the EU, but found themselves trapped in a sub-zero border.

Some humanitarian groups claim that Poland violates the international right to asylum by pushing illegal immigrants back to Belarus instead of accepting their application. Warsaw states that the action is legal.

Ella Kietlinska and Reuters contributed to this report.

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