NATO’s European forces need to focus on Russia so that the United States can prioritize China: Experts


The professor states that NATO has the option of “imitating” Russia or taking a different approach.

A NATO expert professor of international politics needs to tell the British Aristocratic Commission Wednesday that the European forces of the military alliance should take over the responsibility to confront Russia so that the United States can focus on the increasingly warlike China. He said there was.

Mark Webber, a professor of international politics at the University of Birmingham, was asked by Baroness Anary, chair of the International Defense Commission, if he thinks something is missing from the recent NATO summit in Madrid.

He gave the committee a NATO strategic concept Summit It seemed to ignore the big challenge of the alliance on how to tackle both Russia and China.

Webber said: The United States can. And it is possible that in the coming years, China will return to the priorities it has enjoyed in the United States in the past few years, and NATO will remain faced with Russia except the United States.

He states: More Europeanized NATO is taking care of its core business (Russia) while the United States prioritizes China and the Indo-Pacific. “

Webber also criticized NATO for failing to update its naval strategy, including threats from the Russian Navy.

“NATO doesn’t really have the right naval strategy. The current one was adopted in 2011. There are space and cyber strategies, but we haven’t updated the naval strategy for more than 10 years,” he said. Told the committee.

Mariupol Army
On March 20, 2022, pro-Russian military personnel are seen on tanks during a conflict between Ukraine and Russia on the outskirts of the besieged southern port city of Mariupol, Ukraine. (Alexander Ermochenko / Reuters)

Professor Jamie Shay, Deputy Assistant Secretary of NATO on new security challenges from 2010 to 2018, said the UK was small but well-equipped before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24. He told the Commission that he had a strategy of having an army. Above all, 73,000 people wrestling with cyber warfare and the “little green man”.

But he said, “Of course, what we saw in Ukraine was a much more classic war with large troops such as tanks and artillery.”

Other approaches

Shay said: crisis. Does NATO handle it by mimicking the Russian Order of Battle? “They have tanks. They need tanks. They have artillery. They need artillery.” Or are you considering another approach? “

He said at the NATO summit it was agreed that up to 300,000 troops would be “ready” and Germany announced plans to establish an armored force of 15,000.

Shay said: “Does Britain need to follow that trend and expand its army as it needs to play an essential role in ground operations?”

But he said Britain could decide to leave that role-most of the heavy armored forces that would prevent Russian tanks from advancing in the event of a European war-Germans, Poles, Romanians. Offer to people and to Romanians. It has just been accepted by NATO.

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