Navy Seal ceases to use Washington State Park after residents express fear of meeting “armed men”

The U.S. Navy SEAL training is suspended at Washington The state park while the court battle over the use of the state park goes through the court.

“It’s hard to find peace in the woods when an armed frogman can be hiding behind every tree,” said Widby Environmental Action, the group behind the lawsuit against the Washington State Park Recreation Commission. Network lawyers Discuss in statutory document Submitted last month.

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A group of navy seal trainees. Charles Omany / Getty Images

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The Navy has used Washington’s coastal parks for over 30 years for SEAL cold water training and other special operations exercises. Leaders say the region provides an optimal environment for simulating what elite troops may encounter in difficult operations abroad.

“The region offers a unique environment of cold water, extreme tidal changes, multivariate flows, poor visibility, complex underwater terrain, climate, and harsh land terrain, providing an advanced training environment. “Navy spokesman Joe Overton told Coffee or Die Magazine.

However, the Navy’s use of the Washington coastline has recently been attacked by locals who are concerned about both the physiological and environmental impacts that SEAL training may have on others who use the park. increase.

“I don’t mind seeing the supposedly armed men being fooled, and I don’t want to risk getting young grandchildren to see such a scene,” he said. Resident wrote To state regulators during public comments while the state is trying to renew its agreement with the Marines.

Others expressed similar concerns, arguing that the park should be a place of relaxation for the residents.

“In these days of great civil society division, we don’t need stealth men in camouflage clothes with toy guns around state and county parks,” another commenter said. “People often go to the park to escape tension and never encounter any more. Keep Navy commando training away from our park!”

Another commenter expressed concern about UAVs, saying, “The Navy’s plan is to use large petrol-powered UAVs and small electric-powered vehicles, which directly and indirectly injure birds. And offers great potential for hearing loss. The experience of a park visitor. “

In response to the complaint, the Washington State Park Recreation Commission voted 4 to 3 to agree to a reduced training that limits where and when SEAL can train, and urged a lawsuit to completely prevent the use of the state park.

The proceedings argue that the training may discourage residents from using the park for fear of “encountering the proposed wargame or being spyed by naval personnel.”

The Navy claims that SEAL training in the park does not interfere with visitors and points out that no live ammunition or explosive devices are used.

But that reassurance does not convince locals that the Navy should use 46 miles of the Washington coastline, which is already under its jurisdiction.

“There are several Navy facilities in the area, but we don’t provide all the environment we need to make this training as realistic as possible,” Overton said.