NBC News poll shows demographic breakdown of vaccinations in the United States


Washington — There’s a lot of recent news on vaccination.

FDA allowed Full approval For Pfizer’s Covid vaccine over 16 years old.President Biden on Monday Prompted More Americans are vaccinated.So did Donald Trump on Saturday (but he Booed); Dr. Anthony Fauci said: “today” There was a “reasonable chance” that vaccines for children under the age of 12 could be launched in late fall or early winter.

So who was vaccinated in the United States? And who isn’t?

Well, our latest one NBC News Poll According to the survey, 69% of adults say they are already vaccinated, while 13% say they will not be vaccinated under any circumstances.

And here are American adults who say they have already been vaccinated — categorized by demographic groups:

  • All adults: 69 percent

  • Male: 67 percent

  • Female: 71%

  • 18-34: 63 percent

  • 35-49: 58 percent

  • 50-64: 71 percent

  • 65+: 86%

  • White: 66 percent

  • Blacks: 76 percent

  • Latin Americans: 71 percent

  • Urban residents: 79 percent

  • Suburban residents: 67 percent

  • Rural residents: 52 percent

  • White Evangelical: 59 percent

  • Democrats: 88 percent

  • Independent: 60%

  • Republicans: 55 percent

  • Republicans support Trump over party: 46 percent

  • Republicans in favor of parties above Trump: 62 percent

  • Democratic Sanders-Warren voters: 88 percent

  • Democratic Biden voters: 87 percent

  • Biden voters in the 2020 general election: 91 percent

  • Trump voters in the 2020 general election: 50 percent

  • Non-university white graduates: 60 percent

  • White College graduates: 80 percent

A democratic drama that may (or may not) be important

Meanwhile, in Washington, there were some dramas at Capitol Hill last night.

“Chairman Nancy Pelosi and a centrist Democrat were at odds over an order for the House to vote on the bill, but by sunset as the two remained in conflict over how to proceed after a series of meetings. The resolution could not be reached. ” Sahil Kapur of NBC writes:..

“A group of Democratic Party of Japan is opposed to Pelosi’s plan to begin work on budgetary measures and wait for the passage of an infrastructure bill.”

However, the Democratic Party’s efforts to adjust this infrastructure will continue until fall, so no procedural ideological conflicts have been addressed in late August. At least now.

It’s like the equivalent of a pre-season NFL game. That can be a problem. Or it may not be.

It’s still really early.

Today’s tweet

Data Download: Numbers You Need to Know Today

9: The number of women currently serving as governor, Connect records..

About 21,600: According to the White House, the number of people evacuated from Kabul yesterday by military and coalition flights.

twenty three: Number of parliamentary districts where the House majority advances On air Television and digital advertising to promote the Democratic Party’s efforts on Covid’s bailout, infrastructure and climate legislation.

92 inches: The tallest man in America (7’8”), Igor VovkovinskiyDied on Friday.

38,057,336: Number of Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in the United States Latest data From NBC News and health authorities. (It has been 258,472 since yesterday morning.)

633,455: Number of deaths from the virus in the United States so far Latest data From NBC News. (It’s 1,417 since yesterday morning).

363,267,789: Number of Vaccine dose administered In the United States According to CDC. (It has been 610,018 since yesterday morning.)

51.5%: Share of all fully vaccinated Americans, Every CDC..

62.5%: Percentage of all American adults over the age of 18 who are fully vaccinated, For each CDC.

Policy of discussion with Benji: Drug trading

In First Read, we’ll look at the most important options Democrats face with their $ 3.5 trillion monthly budget. At the top of the list are ways to lower drug prices.

From a long-term policy perspective, drug prices are a major driver of medical costs.U.S. already pay More than double According to a RAND study, as in other wealthy countries, brand-name prescription drugs.The only new Alzheimer’s disease drug with suspicious benefits More than double the spending of Medicare Apartment B..

In the short term, Democrats need savings from drug price reforms to fund other medical priorities in the Democratic bill. It is also one of the most popular components and many swingseat Democrats. Aspiring to run on it In the medium term.

So far, the House model is the leadership-backed HR 3. Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden, D-Ore.Put him out Unique principle For this year’s reforms, which are broadly consistent, and President Biden Made a speech This month he called on Congress to take action.

The largest consensus item may be the upper limit of the out-of-pocket costs of Medicare Apartment D recipients. This is a concept that the Republicans endorse in their own drug bill, HR 19. Another idea of ​​some GOP-backed savings is to request a price increase to track. Overall inflation.

But the essence of HR 3 is empowering Medicare to negotiate prices with currently banned pharmaceutical companies. The Democratic Party also wants to use these prices as a standard for private insurers. This will reduce the premium for your employer plan. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that HR3 can reduce federal spending by $ 456 billion in 10 years.

It costs so much, so expect fireworks in the coming weeks. Former President Trump theoretically supported Medicare negotiations, but Republicans are still largely opposed in practice.Conservative groups already Running ads Calling it a “socialist medical plan,” the drug lobby claims that it will reduce the number of prescriptions approved.Some Democrats I’m already worried More extensive reforms are underway, especially in states with a heavy industry presence, such as New Jersey.

“The reason why there is a bipartisan agreement to reform Part D’s interests to cap the out-of-pocket costs and why PhRMA supports it is because the pharmaceutical industry makes more money,” he said. Rachel Sachs, a law professor at Washington University in St. Louis, said. Louis told NBC News. “The industry has a track record of opposition to essentially every proposal that impacts revenue.”

ICYMI: What else is happening in the world

Washington post First reported by CIA Director Burns I met secretly With President Biden on Monday with Taliban leaders as he faces pressure on whether to extend the evacuation deadline.

One of the potential consequences of the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan is May have access to biometrics Other data left by the government and fleeing Afghans.

Rudolph Giuliani’s former associate Federal election funds, Court documents show.

New York City and New Jersey join the region Mandatory Covid vaccine For school staff.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is a former soccer star and Republican senator candidate Herschel Walker. Register to vote in Georgia (He was previously registered in Texas).

And former Trump National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien approved JD Vance in the Republican Ohio Senate election.