NC’s Tillis sums up Tucker Carlson’s latest January 6 coverage on Fox News.

Senator Tom Tillis calls for Monday night coverage by Fox News of the riots at the US Capitol.

“I think Bullshit‘” Tillis told reporters.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has released never-before-seen footage from inside the Capitol that was given to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. members of the Rebels were liars about their portrayal of the rebels over the past two years.

“i was here,” Republican Tillis countered In a comment to NBC News. “I was there and I probably saw some tourists, people who got into things. If all…were just tourists, we would have queued up and entered the visitor center in an orderly manner.”

Tillis confirmed his remarks to McClatchy, saying he believed Carlson’s reporting was just as wrong as the “liberal press” said most of the protests “due to burning Kenosha” were peaceful. added.police firing August 2020 by Jacob Blake.

“There is no room for either of these two extremes,” says Tillis.

Tilith and January 6th

Second-term Senator Tillis recalled walking from the subway to the Senate floor on the second floor of the Capitol on January 6.

He said it started, as usual, with protesters expressing their displeasure at a shopping mall. Then things took a turn for the worse.

“I saw people breaking down fences, assaulting police officers, using pepper spray, breaking windows, vandalizing this building that we are passing through right now,” Tillis said. “And it was wrong.”

Did Tiris ever fear for her own safety?

“Not at all,” said Tiris. “Because I picked up something to protect myself.”

Carlson’s response Tuesday to the Jan. 6 report is not the first time Tillis has spoken out against the day’s events. Before, he called it “A dark day in American history that should not be repeated,” he called on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the riots. Anyone who breaks the law will be held accountable It is trying to block President Joe Biden’s election verification and keep former President Donald Trump in power.

Pushback to accounts on January 6

Not long after McCarthy became Speaker of the House, he released 44,000 hours of video footage exclusively for Carlson from the Capitol’s security cameras.

The decision was met with opposition from both parties. Concerns included whether McCarthy may have inappropriately released security details and why he chose to release the footage to news hosts who repeatedly promoted conspiracy theories about the riots. rice field.

Since Monday night’s segment aired, other members of Congress have spoken out against Carlson and McCarthy, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “One of the most embarrassing hours I’ve ever seen on cable TV.”

Schumer said McCarthy Just as guilty as Carlson, it has further eroded the country’s democracy.