Nearly 100,000 postal ballots in Canada’s federal elections were uncountable and most arrived late


According to a report released today by Elections Canada, nearly 100,000 mail ballots were not counted in the federal elections. This is because most of the time they arrived after the deadline.

The Canadian election agency says 99,988 special ballots were set aside and were not counted.

This includes mail voting sent by Canadian expatriates living abroad, people living in Canada but away from home, and members of the military.

According to the Canadian Election Commission, last year’s general election during the pandemic saw an 82% increase in the number of mailed ballots compared to the 2019 vote.

He said he received a record number of over 1.1 million special ballots, some of whom were set aside because many arrived late and were not properly filled out or signed, twice. Some people tried to vote.

This month, Canada’s chief election officer, Stephen Perrault, recommended that Congress extend the registration period for special ballots to facilitate voting by mail.

Canadian press