Nearly 200 visitors in two weeks at an illegal Las Vegas brothel allegedly run by an Asian woman

Two people have been arrested for running an illegal brothel near the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department First got a hint June 30, regarding “potential illegal activity” at a home near Flamingo Road and Decatur Boulevard.

The driver of the car reportedly admitted to paying the Asian woman $200 for sex. He told police he found the location after reacting to a Craigslist ad. .

Police then launched an investigation. For his two weeks in July, they reportedly 196 people counted in and out of the house.

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After identifying the owner of the property, investigators cross-referenced associated phone numbers and found “multiple online advertisements for prostitution with Asian women.” A cop called her July 21st and was told she had to pay $300 an hour.

A judge authorized a search of the residence on August 16. The next day, police arrested Heng Van Ho and Yuxiang Tian.

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During the search, detectives found “a large number of condoms in the residence, along with lingerie and other prostitution-related items.” According to reports, they also found money.

Ho, who was listed as an agent for the home-registered LLC, has been accused of running a brothel since 2016. Brothels are legal in some parts of Nevada, but not in Clark County, where the home is located.

“Based on prostitution advertisements, Ho is believed to have been exploiting and victimizing young women since at least 2016,” the arrest report said. but her crime victims stay in the brothel all day and seldom leave.”

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Meanwhile, Tian is accused of bringing supplies home at Ho’s direction. However, he reportedly denies his knowledge of the brothel.

Ho and Tian are charged with running a brothel, subsisting on prostitution income, begging and money laundering. Ho was released on her own acknowledgment, but Tian remains in custody without bail on an unrelated charge.

The pair are scheduled to return to court on September 7.

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