Nearly 40% of the Marines rejected the COVID vaccine, and some Democrats urged Biden to set up military missions.


The US proceedings hit a two-week high.India at stake: virus updates

(Bloomberg)-The surge in cases in the Midwest helped maximize daily infections in the United States in more than two weeks as the promotion of vaccination in the United States regained pace. The split US Supreme Court has relaxed California’s restrictions on home religious services. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government has agreed on a national draft rule on blockades and curfew to enforce compliance by some local governments. European Union officials said the block was overcoming the vaccine supply problem. Vaccine supply is scarce in India as the world’s second most populous country faces a new wave of viruses. Key Development: Global Tracker: Cases exceed 134.7 million. 2.91 million deaths Vaccine tracker: More than 748 million injections worldwide, widespread vaccine needs in the United States, and a surge in rat complaints in New York City as urban life revives. .. With fewer shots, we compete for elusive milestones to curb Covid India’s hospital, which was hit by a second wave of viruses. Subscribe here for daily updates on viruses from the Bloomberg Prognosis Team. Click CVID in the terminal for global data on cases and deaths. There are about 54 million doses in the United States (4 pm New York), almost one-quarter of the dose of the Covid-19 vaccine distributed throughout the United States is untreated. Disease Control and Prevention: CDC data do not specify a reason, but health officials have expressed concern about fairness of distribution and hesitation of vaccines, especially among rural and small populations. Of the approximately 233 million doses delivered nationwide, 179 million, or approximately 76%, were reported to have been administered as of Friday. In Alaska, Alaska, Georgia, Mississippi, and Wyoming, the percentage of first doses on hand is the lowest. About 68 million people in the United States, or 20.5% of the population, are fully vaccinated and 34.5% are vaccinated at least once. Fifty-nine percent of people over the age of 65 are fully vaccinated and 77% are vaccinated at least once. Colorado Provider Reduces J & J Shot Use (2:10 pm NY) Colorado Healthcare Provider Stops Administration of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Peter D, CEO of Centura Health. Banko said in a statement on Friday night that the federal government’s shipments of J & J vaccines were declining and one vaccination site. Governor Jared Polis and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they had investigated reactions, including dizziness and nausea, and determined that there was no reason to worry. Centura Health says the J & J vaccine is “safe and effective” and Minneapolis Spike leads the US metro area (1:30 pm NY) Weekly Covid-19 cases in the US metro area, 19 cases, It grew most rapidly in Minneapolis, home of companies such as 3MCo. According to data compiled by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention up to Thursday, cases increased by 27% in the Minneapolis region, followed by more than 20% in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Detroit. Adjusted for population, 7-day new cases increased most in Detroit and Buffalo, Grand Rapids, NY. Minneapolis was ranked 6th by that criterion. Italy’s case is late (12:02 pm NY) Italy reported 17,567 new coronavirus cases on Saturday. Pressure on hospitals is declining, with Covid-19 patients declining for the fourth straight day. Starting April 12, Italy will relax blockade restrictions in most areas, including around Milan. More freedom to move within the municipality. School will be reopened with some restrictions. However, bars and restaurants continue to operate solely for takeaway orders, and travel to other areas is still largely banned. Merkel presents German blockade plan (10:43 am New York) Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government bids to enforce compliance by some local governments. According to a bill Bloomberg saw on Saturday, hotspot designations are based on per capita infections at the county level. Merkel’s biggest hurdle is the Senate, where the ruling party lacks a majority. Despite increased vaccinations this week and reaching daily records, German hospitals have been in tension after Covid-19 infection rates began to rise in February. Unsigned 5-4 issued late Friday night, in addition to a series of orders to free worshipers from state and local restrictions designed to stave off the Covid-19 pandemic for home-based religious services. At the order of, the court resumes hosting weekly Bible studies and co-worship of eight to twelve Northern Californians. Cases in the United States continue to accelerate (8 am, NY) As the virus spreads rapidly across the country, especially in the Midwestern pocket, the United States added about 81,000 new cases on Friday. Data edited by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg. According to the data, the average for 7 days has risen for 5 consecutive weeks, while the number of deaths has declined overall. An additional 962 deaths were reported on Friday, declining on the second day. According to the Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker, the United States recorded 4 million vaccinations on Friday. This is because the pace has risen again after the Easter and passover holidays. Italian companies cut growth forecast (7:53 am New York) Italy’s largest industrial lobby group cut forecasts Confindustria this year after last-quarter performance fell short of expectations due to the health crisis Italy’s economic growth was 4.1%, 0.7 points below the October forecast. For the first quarter of 2020 and 2021. He said the new projections depend on advances in vaccination in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. Astrashot links to Clot: Study (6:53 am NY) Norwegian study of blood clots and abnormally low levels According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, 5 platelets given the AstraZeneca vaccine for Covid-19 The proportion of them found that their condition was vaccine-induced syndrome. Given the link between thrombosis and the immune system, these results reinforce the view that vaccination may have caused the syndrome. ” Denmark and Norway are avoiding the use of the Astra vaccine, even though it is approved for use there. , Says that we need more time to identify the risks. Sweden and Finland only offer it to people over the age of 65. EU predicts rapid vaccination pace (5:32 pm HK) Europe will fully vaccinate 70% of adults before the UK reaches its own goal of one vaccination for all You should have done it. Thierry Breton, a European commissioner heading the Brussels Vaccine Task Force, said in an interview with the Guardian that by the end of July, 360 million doses were expected from five manufacturers in the second quarter in the 18s. The European factory plans to produce 200 million vaccines. We will shoot once a month by September and increase the total capacity to 2 to 3 billion by the end of the year. With a “very rapid” increase in European production capacity, 27 EU countries should make up for the shortfall in the first quarter and enable a “nearly normal tourist season”. IATA, a global airline, has shown to the UK’s Competitive Markets Authority that travelers will have to pay twice as much for PCR testing in the UK as in many parts of Europe, so it’s for travel. We asked you to start investigating the pricing of the Covid-19 test. , Guardian reported on Sunday. The cheapest pre-departure PCR test in the UK is available for £ 60 ($ 82)-subsidy fees for Gatwick Airport passengers-most travelers are charged an average of 128 pounds, more than double According to a survey by the British Travel Agency Association and the Airport Operators Association, most prices in Europe. Jet2, one of the UK’s largest tour operators, has postponed all vacations until June 23 due to lack of clarity. From the government, the Guardian reported in another story. The flight and holidays were suspended because the tour operator said, “I don’t know when and where I can start the flight.” Russia’s case is late and mortality is stable (4: 9 pm HK) Russia reported 8,704 new Covid-19 cases. Over the last 24 hours, caseloads have remained stable, down from 9,150 reported the day before. Authorities reported yesterday that 402 people were killed by the virus, which is no different than the day before. New Wave Swamp India Hospital (12:34 pm HK) India faces a deepening health crisis, the second wave of viral infections hits record highs, intensive care units and critical drug supplies Is under pressure. Hospitals have been reported to be in short supply and vaccinated across South Asian countries, from the wealthiest and worst-damaged states of Maharashtra to the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh. The center keeps people away when there is a shortage of vaccines. India reported more than 145,000 new infections on Saturday, with more than 13 million viral cases lagging behind only the United States and Brazil. Britain urges not to gather mourners (12:29 pm HK) British authorities urge people not to collect or lay flowers after death of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Phillip, in a pandemic A sign that a long tradition needs to be set aside for this. 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