Nearly 600 people cross the English Channel with the new Daily Record


Nearly 600 people made a dangerous trip through the English Channel this week. This is a new daily record.

The latest figures show that at least 592 people were rescued or intercepted when they made a dangerous crossroads the day an Eritrean man died trying to reach Britain.

The 27-year-old died after he and four others jumped outboard as their boat began to sink into the Strait of Dover on Thursday.

After his death, an investigation into manslaughter is currently underway in France.

At least 592 people were rescued or intercepted in their bid to travel to the UK on Thursday, according to the latest figures provided by the Interior Ministry on Friday night. This is a new record for the day.

At least 155 people were intercepted by French authorities and returned to the continent on Thursday.

According to data compiled by PA News Agency, the new highs are above the previous record of 482, which was set a little over a week before August 4.

According to Pennsylvania data, more than 11,000 people successfully crossed the Strait of Dover in a small boat in 2021.

The loss of life on Thursday did not stop more people from trying their journey on Friday. And it was seen that the individual was brought to the port of Dover in Kent after crossing the strait.

According to the Interior Ministry, 25 people arrived in the UK on a boat on Friday and others returned to France.

Home Secretary Priti Patel and her department have repeatedly vowed to make channel routes “infeasible,” but the number of intersections continues to grow.

Michael Dramondo