Need a small plane with a carbon monoxide detector

Washington (AP) —U.S. Crash Investigators Demands Federal Aviation Administration to Equip Commercial Aircraft with Carbon Monoxide Detectors because of Fatal Crash Due to Odorless Gas Poisoning ..

The National Transportation Safety Board announced on Thursday that it has identified 31 accidents, including carbon monoxide poisoning. This includes 23 fatal accidents that killed 42 people and seriously injured four.

The Safety Commission said that only one of the planes had a detector and there was no audible or visual warning to the pilot. According to the Commission, carbon monoxide from the engine can enter the cabin due to defects or corrosion in the exhaust system and other components.

The FAA did not immediately comment on the recommendations.

The NTSB said it made similar recommendations to the FAA in 2004. The FAA recommended that general aircraft owners and operators install detectors, inspect the exhaust system, and replace mufflers on a regular basis, but these steps were not necessary.

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