“Need global protest”

Texas Senator unanimously Solution While condemning the Chinese administration’s “sneaky practice of forcibly removing human organs for transplantation,” it urged the United States to take a more proactive stance on the issue.

Senator Angela Paxton, the lead author of the resolution, told The Epoch Times sister media NTD on April 21 that “No, I blame this because it’s happening.” Said.

Paxton, who has been working on the issue for at least two years, said part of her motive came from noticing a lack of voice to speak about abuse, and as a result, many called it a “rumor.” She explained that she had rejected it. ..

“We know that this is true, wrong, and that it is at the heart of destroying the dignity of all human beings again.”

People all over the world flocked to China to seek transplant surgery, knowing that they could get important organs in two weeks. However, the resolution warns that such speed is likely to cost innocent lives. The bill, passed on April 15, is currently awaiting a vote in the House of Representatives before heading to the governor’s desk for signature.

In 2019, an independent Chinese court concluded that prisoners of conscience, most of whom were persecuted followers of spiritual practice Falun Gong, were killed “on a considerable scale” because of their organs.

Dr. Howard Monsour, one of the first doctors involved in liver transplantation after approval in 1984, recalled one of the patients 10 years ago who developed liver cancer that was too widespread to undergo a transplant operation. .. A desperate man traveled to China and got a liver for $ 88,000 after several U.S. hospitals turned him down, but Monsour said late surgery could accelerate the progression of cancer cells. I warned. The patient underwent surgery and died eight months later.

“Think of it as someone trapped in the water. Granbury-based Lakeside Physicians Express Care gastroenterologist Monsour, in the testimony of State Senator, breathes the air that gives them life. Will do almost anything to infuse. ” Surgery in China “was detrimental to this Texas citizen, and especially to donors, especially if they came from prisoners,” he said.

On the legislature floor, Falun Gong practitioners who survived torture in China for faith recalled being exposed to unexplained forced blood draws and later witnessing the “horrible” disappearance of prisoners associated with organ removal.

The Ma Sanke Labor Camp in northeastern China is the site of numerous serious abuses of Falun Gong practitioners and has been documented in file photographs by human rights groups. (Minghui.org)

At the Masanjia Labor Camp, where Wang Hai Ying, who lives in Houston, was once detained, Wang saw a guard pulling a large blood vessel from a female practitioner in the same cell, but she said she was physically detained. Stated.

“We lived in horror every day,” she told the State Senator. “Some practitioners were seen beaten to death and carried away. Others were taken to police and then disappeared.”

YuXinhui, who now lives in Austin, recalled the removal of dozens to dozens of prisoners from Sihui Prison in Guangdong Province, which had been detained from 2001 to 2007.

In 2006, he saw several buses, military vehicles, and ambulances arriving at midnight, and an armed police officer lay down on a bed facing the wall and said, “What’s coming out when your name is called? Please don’t bring it too. ” .. “

“Everyone was afraid,” he said. “Three people were taken out of my cell. Their belongings were left in the cell. None of them returned.”

While imprisoned, Yu met a doctor in his hometown and confirmed that an organ was removed.

“Falun Gong learners have the best bodies and, of course, the best organs. Other prisoner’s organs are good to use because they abuse drugs and alcohol and develop other bad habits. It may not be, “he recalled the doctor’s words.

Hong Kong-China-Religion-Rights-Falun Gong
On April 25, 2019, women will adjust their banners to support the spiritual practice of Falun Gong, which is being persecuted in mainland China, in Dongyu, which is popular with tourists from mainland China. (Via Anthony Wallace / AFP Getty Images)

The doctor sympathized with Yu and suggested giving up Falun Gong’s training and pretending to save his life.

“Otherwise, who knows what happens to your heart, liver spleen, and lungs?” Said the doctor.

Senator Donna Campbell, co-author and one of the 12 sponsors of the bill, said the hearing was “stunning.”

“I saw the sadness and deep sorrow associated with such atrocities,” she told the NTD. She hoped that the resolution would be the beginning of a widespread movement to stop abuse.

“We need a global protest that this is wrong. Countries need to sanction China for this kind of action,” he said.

As a doctor in the emergency room, she also appealed to Chinese doctors to “go away” and “say no” to such practices.

“It goes against the moral conscience they may have,” she said. “They need to work for their lives, not for their lives.”

Brenda Chen contributed to this report.