“Need help”: Another cyclone batter Madagascar

Madagascar’s Antananarivo — Cyclone Ennati crashed early Wednesday on the southeast coast of Madagascar, stripping the roofs of houses and flooding and food shortages in areas still recovering from the destruction of another tropical cyclone a few weeks ago. Caused the fear of.

More than 30,000 people have moved to safe accommodation before Emnati arrives, and Madagascar’s National Risk and Disaster Management Agency estimates that more than 250,000 people could be affected by the latest cyclones.

There were no immediate reports of casualties from Emnati as authorities waited for the worst to pass, but local officials and witnesses said at least one southeastern city house or other building. Reported enormous damage to.

Madagascar, an island off the east coast of Africa, famous for its wildlife and pristine natural treasures, was hit by four major tropical storms last month, killing nearly 200 people and exacerbating food insecurity. increase. According to the United Nations World Food Program, a drought struck the southern part of the country last year, putting about 400,000 people at risk of hunger.

A series of aid agencies said Emnati would be a double blow to the eastern and southeastern regions struck by the cyclone “Batterai” earlier this month. Batsirai eventually killed more than 120 people and evacuated 143,000. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, more than 20,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged by Batshirai, forcing more than 21,000 people to evacuate.

According to the Madagascar Meteorological Office, Emnati landed in the Manakara Atimo district in the southeast at around midnight local time, with average wind speeds of 135 mph (84 mph) and gusts of 190 mph (118 mph). Six areas in the southeast are red lights, most of which have already been hit hard by Batsirai.

“It’s hard to tell what happened because I can’t go out, but the gendarmerie barracks have caused a lot of damage. Many homes no longer have roofs,” said Phyto, based in Manakara. Lieutenant Colonel Harinaivo Randria Mihaja Manana, commander of the Gender Marie Group in the Vinany region, said. “I didn’t get a call because the phone was so disconnected. I haven’t had electricity or water since yesterday. [Tuesday] morning. “

According to the Department of Meteorology, the Ennati system was weakened as it traveled across the Indian Ocean towards Madagascar, but warned that floods could still occur.

Gabriel Philiastre, who lives in Manakara, said his family was evacuating to the hotel’s main hall with others and working when Emnati hit.

“My house is completely flooded,” said Philiastre. “We couldn’t sleep inside. It’s a wooden house. We saw a lot of houses destroyed around our house. For us, this cyclone is more than before. It caused damage. “

“There is a lot of damage in the hotel too. One of the walls has collapsed … the roof tiles have been blown off and some of the ceilings in the room have collapsed. We need help.”

The United Nations World Food Program and other aid agencies have warned of the risk of serious food shortages due to crop destruction and disruption of transportation networks. Forecasters also predict that another 8-12 cyclones will occur in the Madagascar region, usually before the cyclone season ends in May.

According to the Faculty of Meteorology, Emnati is expected to cross the southeastern part of Madagascar and re-emerge into the sea. In other words, the former cyclone should also miss the mainland Africa that caused death and destruction.

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