Neighbors say shootings in the Lake Como area do not ruin their Independence Day celebrations

Ronnie Lambert was sitting on a porch near Lake Como watching the fireworks on his way home. First Como Fest on Saturday night..

He attended a block party, a family-friendly event featuring live musical performances and local vendors, ending around 10 pm with his wife and grandchildren, relaxing, drinking and around the house. I was looking at a colorful display in the sky.

After that, around 1:20 am, He heard the gunshot..

Fireworks and firecrackers were being launched in the neighborhood, so at first I didn’t recognize it as a gunshot. He said the sound was different, but he combined the two until people started running towards his property and heard a scream.

People fled the shooting early on July 4, injuring eight. According to police, the shooting took place outside the car wash where Lambert’s front porch was visible, and multiple guns were used. No arrests had been made by Sunday afternoon.

The· Bullet victims were taken to a local hospital, And police said they were stable. According to MedStar, at least one of the victims was in crisis.

Around 1:30 am when the police heard the gunshot, the patrol officer was in the area of ​​3400 blocks on Horn Street.

Lambert said his first thoughts were about his grandchildren who were in the house and protected them.

“I didn’t want that because I knew I could be shot and become an innocent bystander, but I got up from the porch and started to make sure people weren’t on my property. “It was,” Lambert said.

He kept an eye on things and did his best to keep people away because he didn’t want to risk his grandchildren being injured when shots were fired in his direction.

However, Lambert said he did not feel that the shooting had reduced safety in the Como area.He plans to take out his grandson and wife Independence Day parade at Como on Monday.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen until most people go home, he said. When the planned festival is in full swing, families can go to Como without fear.

Lambert was preparing charcoal in the front yard around 11:00 am on July 4th. I watched my neighbors clear the street debris from the block party. Some used a leaf blower to move the cardboard left over from the fireworks off the road, while others used a broom to sweep it into the dust and throw the collection into the trash can.

He said he was preparing to bake lunch for his family to celebrate Independence Day and felt completely safe. Those who cleared up the festival said they weren’t worried either.

Two Como residents helping clean up after the party said they weren’t late enough to see something like shooting or a “drama.” They and Lambert said that if you weren’t late, and if you went home when something like a block party was nearing the end, you wouldn’t be in jeopardy.

Bobby Johnson repeated the statement.

Local residents who attended the festival said they didn’t see or hear the shootings early on July 4, but that stopped people from enjoying the rest of the holidays and made them I’m going to a Monday parade that I don’t want to stop.

“It happens from time to time, and it doesn’t matter where you are,” Johnson said. “Not everyone comes here for the purpose we are here, but this didn’t happen until later. The early nights were a good time.”

He said the families were out to enjoy the party on Saturday night and the shootings didn’t happen until most of the families were inside.

Johnson pointed out recent shootings in the parking lot Hurricane Harbor Water Park Arlington says that there are people who want to cause problems wherever they go.

“This kind of thing happens when people who are just out for fun are in bed, like 1am, 2am, 3am,” Johnson said. “Only those who want to cause problems are out.”

Many other residents shared their thoughts with Star Telegram, but said they didn’t want to be named. Some said the area wasn’t safe for visitors and told Star Telegram that it was better to avoid it, but most said they weren’t worried after the shoot. ..

A attendant of a church leaving the service on July 4 said he was not worried about the safety of the area during the day and during public events. She said she did not believe that the people causing problems in the area lived there.

“These things are usually people from the outside,” said the woman who asked her not to name her. “Three days had a good time here. This shouldn’t hurt it.”

She said she no longer lived in the neighborhood but grew up there. Her parents still live in the area and she will return to the parade on Monday.

Visitors to other churches returning home after noon from a church near the shooting location say they don’t want the shooting to obscure the goodness of the block party or make the celebrations held there look bad. I did. They said they wanted to make sure people could see what it was. Historical district And a chance to celebrate independence with America.

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