Neo-Nazis dump three corpses at Albuquerque Hospital and escape: FBI

KOB4 / Metropolitan Detention Center

KOB4 / Metropolitan Detention Center

This week, a white supremacist suspect has been charged with abandoning a bullet-covered car carrying three dead in a hospital parking lot in Albuquerque.

Richard Kaikendal, 41 years old, Aryan Brotherhood Prison GangA criminal accusation filed in the Federal District Court for New Mexico on Friday was charged on Friday with a felony convicted of possessing guns and ammunition for his role in the triple murder on Wednesday. ..

Prosecutors said after a deadly shootout in a nearby alley, Kaikendal drove to the Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital with the victims, took off his shirt and told the guards, “There were three dead in Chevrolet.” Claims to have said.

criminal Complaints — first obtained by Seamus Hughes, A researcher at George Washington University’s radicalism program and a contributor to The Daily Beast-authorities only believe that Kuykendall “may be responsible for the death of one of three men.” It states that there is.

Victims not yet identified were also members of the gang. Kuykendall He was released on bail at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque.

Prosecutors described Aryan Brotherhood as “a national prison gang striving to control drug distribution and other illegal activities within state and federal prisons.” Formed by white prisoners, the complaint states that it has approximately 20,000 members inside and outside the prison and is known for using Nazi symbols such as swastikas and SS lightning bolts.

Authorities have not provided a motive for the killing on Wednesday, but complaints state that the gang is known to kill or intimidate members who do not remain loyal or pose a threat to the business.

” [Aryan Brotherhood] We use murder and threats of murder to maintain our position of power within prisons and prison systems, “the complaint said. “Do not obey the orders of prisoners and others [Aryan Brotherhood] Anyone who violently acts against can be killed, as is the case. [Aryan Brotherhood] member. “

Prosecutors say a dark-colored Chevrolet Malibu pulled behind him as he walked down the back alley of a local pizzeria on Wednesday. As Kaikendal tried to get into the car, he immediately fired at him.

Kuykendall “ducked to maintain a low center of gravity while running around in front of the car” while the shot was still firing. He was able to jump into the car.

She impersonates Princess Aryan to defeat the neo-Nazis

A few seconds later, Kuykendall got out of the car and walked towards the dumplings, complaints said. “Kuykendall stayed next to the dumplings for nine seconds and then returned to the car.” Albuquerque police later found a 9mm pistol in the dumplings.

Prosecutors say Kuykendall boarded the driver’s seat (probably above the dead driver) and drove to a nearby hospital after he may have moved people in the car.

Upon getting there, he took off his shirt and revealed some tattoos related to the neo-Nazi group, such as “Large letter B on the left shoulder and Iron Cross on the left chest.”

When authorities arrived, they complained that they found a “bullet hole-filled” car with a pistol loaded under the driver’s seat, an empty pistol in the backseat, and a used bullet casing throughout the car. Stated.

It’s far from the break-in of Kuykendall’s first law. “Kuykendall has an impressive criminal record, with at least 35 people arrested in New Mexico and Massachusetts,” the complaint said. His crimes range from forgery and theft of personal information to theft and plots to assaults on his family in 2018.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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