Netanyahu refuses to compare Trump and promises a peaceful transition of power

The Rikudo Party, led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will take place Thursday in the United States between his efforts to prevent President Trump’s transfer of power after the November 2020 presidential election and his efforts. Refused to compare.

Important reason: Netanyahu, on the verge of a 12-year change of power, is working to outlaw the next administration and accuses its leaders of “scams of the century.” I promised.

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Inside story: Fear of potential political violence Israel is growing in Israel ahead of Sunday’s vote to approve the next government, led by Naftali Bennett, a former right-wing disciple of Netanyahu, and centrist opposition leader Yale Rapid.

  • Israeli parliamentarian Knesset faces murder threats and protests from angry Netanyahu supporters outside his home.

  • Netanyahu has denied allegations that he and his aides are instigating violence, and continues to claim that he is the victim of “the greatest fraudulent elections in history.”

  • Axios I ran the story on Wednesday Comparing the reactions of Netanyahu and Trump, their power wears down, CNN segment This topic was also widely shared.

What they are saying: Tweet in englishNetanyahu’s party said the prime minister had “complete confidence” in the election results, but nevertheless Bennett promised not to do so during the election campaign by forming a government with Rapid. Claimed to have committed a fraud.

  • “Bennet, contrary to his promise, hijacked the vote from the right and shifted it to the left,” the tweet continued. “If this isn’t a scam, I don’t know what it is.”

  • “Mr. Bennet’s actions are similar to US electors unilaterally switching presidential elections against the will of voters,” the party claimed.

Line spacing: This is a political debate, not a legal one. While Trump brought the votes to court, Netanyahu’s purpose was to pressure the right-wing members of the Knesset to abandon the Benjamin Netanya Rapids agreement so that the vote would fail.

What’s next: The Netanyahu party says he is committed to a peaceful transition to power, but his aides have stated whether he will attend the official ceremony on Monday when Benjamin will take office. Not done.

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