Netflix Canada Launches Crackdown On Password Sharing, Additional Members Cost $7.99

Best friends, brothers and cousins ​​around the world Canada You may be locked out of sharing soon netflix account when the streaming giant started cracking down on password sharing.

netflix Canada .

it looks like netflix has relied on sharing passwords for years to build viral reviews of TV series and movies, but aims to grow subscribers and revenue.

Under the rules, Premium and Standard account holders can “buy additional member slots” for $7.99/month each.

At that price, premium high-definition 4K subscribers paying $20.99 per month can add up to two members who are not living together.

Standard subscribers who pay $16.49 per month can add one more member for the same monthly price.

The $9.99 Basic and $5.99 ad-supported plans do not allow additional members.

netflix did not specify when it would start enforcing the new rules, but characterized the announcement as the first step in requiring viewers to have their own household accounts.

A letter received by a subscriber on Wednesday, titled “netflix It says you have until February 21st to add a “primary location” to your account.

This will netflix To recognize people who access your account outside of your home base.

For those who travel a lot or have a second house, netflix Account owner says you need to sign in yourself netflix Mobile apps at least once a month while connected to Wi-Fi in key locations.

Contractor moving within Japan Canada Key locations may need to be updated to avoid lockouts netflixaccording to the company’s help page.

netflix has been testing password sharing rules in Latin America for the past year, but has faced backlash from some viewers who felt it was unfair because other streaming services still allow password sharing. .

but, netflix recently described the phenomenon as out of control, estimating that more than 100 million households share accounts, which impacts “the ability to invest in great new TV and movies.” .

The new restrictions also went into effect in Spain, Portugal and New Zealand on Wednesday.

netflix said the rule will be rolled out to other countries over the next few months.