Netflix predicts that there will be 40 animated series and cinematic works on the shelves in 2021

Netflix animated version of “Resident Evil”

Netflix’s direction to enrich the film library is not limited to live-action movies. Animation is also an important role. This streaming platform was at the AnimeJapan 2021 Expo event just held in Tokyo.AnnounceThey will put 40 animation and film works on the shelves this year, the number has doubled from last year!Bloomberg I wrote that this may be a way for Netflix to strengthen the attractiveness of the Asian market, because Japanese animation works have considerable supporters for audiences here.

There will be new works, including “The Final Valkyrie”, “The Master of the Doctrine”, and other previously announced “Resident Evil”, “Assassin’s Creed” and “Terminator”. In addition, “Yasuke”, with the black protagonist as the samurai with the background of the Japanese Warring States Period, released a new poster like the picture below.

Netflix animation “Yasuke”

In other words, at the level of international streaming platforms, Netflix has to face potential competition from Sony.Because Sony bought the streaming platform earlier Crunchyroll, So many animation copyrights may be taken away. But looking at the cards Netflix presented this time, their selections have their own uniqueness, and I believe they can also find the audience they belong to.

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