Netflix wants to shoot a live-action “Pokemon” series

“Detective Pikachu” stills / The Pok√©mon Company/Warner Bros.

Everyone has seen the live-action movie “Detective Pikachu”. Bringing furry Pikachu to the real world to interact with live-action actors seems to be accepted by many people, and even attracted Netflix to shoot it into a series.according to Vareity According to the report, Netflix has found “Lucifer” (Lucifer) program coordinator Joe Henderson to be responsible for the script and executive producer in this early stage of development. He is also working on the adaptation of the comic book “Shadecraft” for Netflix.

In addition, Netflix has obtained the right to broadcast the animation “Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series”, which will premiere on September 10th. At the same time, other “Pokemon” animation works are already on the shelves. Netflix, fans will slowly complete Xiaozhi’s journey to become a “Pokemon Master” on this streaming platform.