Netflix’s earnings report is released, confirming its entry into the mobile game world




Netflix officially released the second season of 2021Financial report, But they started by confirming their entry into the mobile game industry and stated that they would develop game content such as “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” and the game version of “Stranger Things”. At the same time, it was revealed that Netflix subscribers will not need to pay extra, that is, they can play new works, but it will also ensure that the production of games and TV and movie content will continue.

According to the text in the letter to investors, Netflix’s development of games is similar to their development of original content, animation, and live TV.

Returning to the performance of the financial report, Netflix will “benefit” the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and set a record of 16 million new subscribers in a single season. As expected, we will continue to get back on track in 2021. The financial report indicates that the number of new users in Q2 in 2021 is only 1.5 million, but it is still more than the forecast of 1 million. Netflix predicts that the number of new subscriber subscriptions in the coming season will increase to 3.5 million, with a goal of increasing 2.2 million quarterly. If everything goes smoothly, Netflix will have 54 million new users in the past two years. In terms of revenue, it recorded a year-on-year growth of 19%, reaching US$7.3 billion in a single quarter.

Then there is the part of watch count. According to Netflix’s own statistical method, “Call of the Sun” is very popular. It has received more than 55 million “member families” in one month. Therefore, the series has also been successfully renewed. The original version of “Staghorn Boys” is adapted from DC comics 》In the first month of its launch, it was streamed by 60 million homes. The live-action shows “I can’t stop” and “The Circle” are popular choices in the category. At the same time, the real crime documentary “Son of Sam” is also popular among many people. “Legion of the Living Dead” directed by Zha had 75 million streams in the first month. And “Intelligent Counterattack” is their most popular animated film, which has been streamed 53 million times.

Netflix finally admitted that the new crown epidemic has affected the production of content, especially in the first half of 2021, but it is expected that the situation will gradually improve. They expect new dramas such as “Paper House”, “Sex Study Room”, “Virgin River” and “I Want to Do It Once” will be released in the third quarter, and will also include the action movie “The Guardian” starring Jason Momoa “Star” and “Kate” starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead.