Netizens flood Jackie Chan’s Weibo account after estranged daughter was found on free food line


Chinese social media users have called out Jackie Chan’s attention after his estranged daughter was spotted standing in line for free food in Canada.

Etta Ng, 22 daughter of superstar chan and the former Beauty Queen Elaine Ngshe was spotted by social media users when she joined a line of mostly older women to receive free food in Toronto.

In a viral Weibo post, Ng can be seen wearing a blue jacket and long pants.

Social media users were quick to comment on her appearance, street lifethey expressed their grief Ng’s claimed situation I asked an action star for help.

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The Hong Kong actor, filmmaker and martial artist had an affair with Elaine in 1998 while married to Taiwanese actress Joan Lin. He had Elaine and Etta and a son with Lynn named Jaycee.

Ng immigrated to Canada after marrying Canadian influencer Andy Autumn. In her previous media interviews, Ng said she thinks she is a stranger because her father is not a part of her life.

“He is my biological father, but he is not in my life. quote saying “I’m not angry with my father, nor have I ever wanted to see him. As long as my mother is by my side, I don’t need him.”

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Ng began dating Autumn in February 2017. In 2018, Ng came out as a lesbian. She went viral for falling out with her mother over her sexual orientation. That same year, Ng and Autumn publicly declared themselves homeless via YouTube, claiming they were unable to approach government shelters for fear of splitting them up.

“We were homeless for a month because of our homophobic parents. We mostly slept under bridges and stuff,” Ng said in the video. “Two people in love who share true love are trying to avoid breaking up and screwing us up just because we love her.”

Jaycee, on the other hand, clearly lives a life of luxury. He recently shared a photo of himself riding in his friend’s Rolls-Royce on his social media accounts.

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Netizens reportedly flooded Chan’s Weibo comments section, reminding Chan of his daughter. Some social media users asked others to respect Ng’s privacy.

“Your daughter is picking up (emergency) food on the street,” one user said. reportedly. [you] Care? ”

“Take the Jackie Chan factor out and she’s just another individual who doesn’t want to be disturbed,” another user said. commented.

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