New ad drops DeSantis against Trump for donor dollars


The same political action committee that was launched One of the first ads In the 2022 Florida Governor Election — Breaking Tensions Between Florida Governor Rondesantis and Former President Trump — I’m back in a new place..

Important reason: Remove Ron Say that First ad spread by word of mouth, Has 350,000 organic views on social media, so launch another view to highlight the “increasing number” of Trump supporters Those who are currently donating to DeSantis’ reelection campaign..

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  • “Donald, we tried to warn you,” the narration says at the beginning of the latest ad. “Ron is coming for you, and now he is taking your donor.”

  • “This new ad emphasizes the widening gap between the two top Republican candidates and that in 2024 either one will not be able to further alienate Americans,” said Removeron. Founder Daniel Wolfelder said in a statement.

Note: DeSantis has a majority of Florida voters’ approval for his work handling, economics, and COVID-19 pandemic. New polling From the University of South Florida.

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