New British Election Law Banning Postal Voting Harvest

The British government said on Friday that it plans to increase the completeness of the election by stopping the collection of postal votes, limiting proxy voting and curbing voter intimidation.

This follows earlier this week’s announcement that voters must present photo ID before ballots can be issued at polling stations.

under New measures The “Vote Voting Harvest” announced on Friday will be stopped by limiting the number of postal votes a person can submit on behalf of another person.

Currently, anyone can collect postal votes from any number of electors and submit them to polling stations. The government states that there is a risk that mail ballots will be diverted and stolen, or that voters will be forced to fill out ballots.

The new law also prohibits party activists from completely processing postal voting, making it a criminal offense.

The new rules extend the secrecy clause to absentee ballots by making it a crime for a person to find out or reveal who a postal voter chose to vote for.

Voting ballot registration is currently valid indefinitely, but the new rules require postal voters to reapply and reconfirm their identities every three years.

Proxy voting also imposes new restrictions, and current rules open the possibility that someone, especially close relatives, may be forced to appoint a proxy.

The government plans to limit the total number of people who can act as agents, regardless of relationship, to four to prevent abuse.

Current legislation already prohibits “excessive impact” on voters, but the government states that “obsolete legislation” needs to be modernized, among other measures, by explicitly listing it. Ta
Intimidation of voters as a form of excessive influence.

Chloe Smith, UK Minister of the Constitution and Delegation of Authority, said: We must take further steps to protect and modernize our precious democracy.

“Our powerful countermeasure package eliminates the room for such damages that reoccur in our elections, and no matter how they choose to throw it, their vote is only for them and them. Gives the public’s trust that it is. “

The government has also released details on the requirements for voter IDs for voters to vote at polling stations.

Under the new law, local governments must provide a “voter card” to anyone who needs it free of charge.

Not only UK passports and driver’s licenses, but also various approved documents such as various concessional travel passes and parking permits are accepted.

According to government data, 99% of ethnic minorities already have the form of identification that would be accepted under the proposal, as do 98% of those who identify them as white.