New clean fuel regulations that raise gasoline prices and have the most impact on low-income Canadians


New federal regulations to force reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from gasoline and diesel will cost Canadians up to 13 cents per liter in pumps by 2030.

An impact analysis of clean fuel regulations released Wednesday estimates that it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 18 million tons in 2030, which Canada will eliminate to meet its current goals for the year. Equivalent to 5-6 percent of the required emissions.

It costs $ 22.6 billion to $ 46.6 billion for refineries and other fuel suppliers to comply. That means an average reduction of about $ 151 per ton of emissions.

This impact will reduce Canada’s GDP by $ 9 billion and raise gasoline prices by 6 to 13 cents per liter in 2030, when the full range of regulations will come into force.

This can cost between $ 76 and $ 174 per vehicle, or up to $ 301 per household.

Analysis shows disproportionate cost impacts on low-income families, single mothers, and the elderly who are more vulnerable to fluctuations in energy costs and are least likely to buy alternatives such as electric vehicles. I have.

Mia Loveson

Canadian press