New delta strain detected in Australian states

A new strain of COVID-19 delta mutant was detected in Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW).

Chief Health Officer Kelly Chant has revealed that a new variant has emerged that is different from the current strains in the community.

“We have implemented this program through a pandemic response to genome sequencing. These studies have identified delta strains, which are genomic sequencing different from the current strains prevalent in Sydney.” She told reporters on October 8.

“There are no signs that this new strain makes a difference in terms of infection or vaccine efficacy or severity,” she added, and currently eight infections in New South Wales are from this strain, seven of which are from this strain. It was the same household.

“We are investigating how the sources and submissions occurred and will update them as information becomes available.”

Chant’s announcement comes after recently promoted New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrott announces an acceleration of the state’s roadmap from the blockade by expanding the “freedom” it offers to Australian state residents. I will.

Epoch Times Photo
The NSW Premier Dominique Perotet will address the media on October 6, 2021 at the NSW Government House in Sydney, Australia. (AAP Image / Dan Himbrechts)

The state government is now calling for more residents to be vaccinated. In late September, a roadmap to “freedom” was revealed, modeled after the plans of the National Cabinet.

The roadmap shows one “free” batch available to vaccinated individuals when 70% of the population is vaccinated (October 11). Once 80% have been vaccinated, another set will be released and December 1st will mark the official “Free Day” when most restrictions will be lifted altogether.

Perotet has long criticized the strict blockade. In July, it’s Reported He told Chant to cut wages if she came to a tight blockade of parts of Sydney.

The Prime Minister’s recent move to speed up the roadmap has attracted criticism from the Australian Medical Association in New South Wales, leftist critics and politicians.

Former Australian racist commissioner and director of the Sydney Policy Institute, Marc Stears, Tim Soutfom Masane, a left-handed politician, points out that expanding “freedom” is not a “fundamental risk.” Warned that he was “in a pinch” in the pre-immunization world. ..

“In the last 18 months, many self-proclaimed progressives and Social Democrats have become accustomed to the blockade. Taking the initiative from Jacinda Ardern, Daniel Andrews, Mark Magawan, Anastasia Parasekuk, COVID Zero I agree with the idea, “they wrote in an editorial. Sydney Morning Herald October 8th.

“It has become an article of progressive belief that the best response to a pandemic is an exclusion strategy. Use the great power of government to limit the actions of those seeking safety, almost at no cost. I will, “they continued.

Daniel Y. Ten