New documentary reveals a dirty American police epidemic

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The reputation of American police officers has been hit by the public over the past few years, thanks to a series of notorious incidents. George Floyd’s 2020 Murder Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin.. But murder is not the only crime committed by the police. ViceTV’s new crime Betray the badge (Premiered July 19) highlights some of the most notorious cases of individuals abusing law enforcement positions for their unfair interests.

8-part documentary Each episode works on a separate story, Betray the badge Boasting a timely hook and a simple structural approach, it’s rich in occasional dramatic recreational sequences to tell the story of interviews with key players, archived news clips and photos, and police cheating. Use stock images. There’s nothing bold and exciting about what the latest version of Vice TV envisions. Some of the images are too familiar, such as a lump of cash flipping your fingers, a shadow figure gathering at the doorway, and a flashing police car light illuminating an urban night. Cliché and Corney, the show’s aesthetics are aimed low, all leaving a slightly superficial and sensational feel.

Navy veteran who runs a popular sex shop in Mississippi

Nevertheless, its functional approach does not interfere with the basic purpose of the procedure, which is to emphasize that the cop’s shameful saga gets worse. Betray the badgeThe premiere episode certainly did it efficiently, focusing on a scandal of the late 90’s involving West New York, a small town (only one square mile) directly across from Manhattan on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. .. A quiet and intimate enlave with 50,000 residents of diverse backgrounds, including Cubans, Colombians, Central Americans and Italians, all part of the Melting Pot Stew. Although they may have originally come from different parts of the world, West New Yorkers are generally working-class lands, and as Rich Rivera states early in the episode, it’s everyone else. It was a place where I knew people.

Rivera became well known to West New Yorker in 1998, and the federal government arrested 12 police officers, including police chief Alexander Orientesina and his son Alex Jr., and charged them with various serious offenses. This includes extortion, bribery, illegal gambling and participation in prostitution activities.Those indictments rocked the community (and the state), and Betray the badge Apparently, after joining the West New York Army in 1994, they chose to do something about the corruption that surrounds him by violating the “Blue of Silence” (ie, its implicit rules). Partially achieved thanks to Rivera’s efforts Police say they won’t ratify their peers) and cooperate with the FBI as a secret informant.

Anyone I saw a crime movie knowThis was a decision that would directly harm an honest police officer, and it didn’t take long for Rivera to kneel at the potential danger. The federal government has left Rivera to reach the bottom of the mob-like turmoil in West New York under the guise of an on-the-take police officer. It then finances between his compatriots wearing his badge and the Cuban father-son team Jose Grana Senior and Jose Grana Jr., who dominated the Joker Poker gambling machine with electronic bells and whistles. You can hear it emanating from the back room of all nearby Bodega, which was accompanied by obstructing the transaction. The fact that these illegal casino machines were allowed to operate freely is a hint to Rivera that law enforcement agencies are getting some of their actions, and his allegations are one day. Raised only when I saw Detective Carmine Geta leave the shaded storefront, in a paper bag.

Rivera chose to target the Joker Poker machine as a way to consolidate his (fake) Underworld goodwill and soon became friends with Jose Grana Jr. Betray the badgeThe virgin episode, Rivera, says Grana Jr. has come to believe that Rivera could be his potential long-time police partner in crime. However, Oriente Sr. took much less care of Rivera because he was ruining the kickback money that the police chief had longed for. For some time, Rivera was able to collect a wealth of recordings of the illegal activities of colleagues who ran organized rackets, including bettors and brothels. And when Oriente Sr. suspended him from his troops, he was finally released on bail, but the FBI asked him to completely infiltrate the Cubans without an obvious safety net. But Rivera was still one of the central figures. In the case of earning Orientesina four years late in 1998, this was after the chief sent state witnesses to the very police officer who did his dirty work.

Rivera talks about his trials like an over-the-top sound bite. Therefore, lines such as “I became a kingpin from a boy scout” and “I lost everything” are the characteristics of his repeated commentary. Even more interesting is the barely hidden anger and disgust of Stacy Oriente, the daughter of the shameful police chief, towards Rivera. After that, he only perpetuated the system that existed long before he arrived, and could do almost nothing about it. Like her suggestion that Rivera is not a Serpico-style informant, but instead a crooked cop who has signed a contract with the federal government to save her skin, it’s a fairly weak defense-probably in the series. The concept of not going anywhere because it is not true.

After episode Betray the badge It will be related to the same story that bad cop is doing terrible things, and often paying the right price for them. In an era when police illicit activity is often the prey to nightly news, portraits of blue boys will undoubtedly find a receptive audience.

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