New floods across Sydney lead to more evacuation warnings

As heavy rains continued to hit New South Wales (NSW), rivers and flash floods broke out, the State Emergency Services (SES) issued several new evacuation orders and warnings across Sydney on Tuesday.

Due to the low pressure system on the east coast, the Bureau of Meteorology issued a strict weather warning on Monday night over a large area between Tally and Vega in New South Wales. , Sydney, Illawarra, South Coast.

The forecasts are accurate: some parts of Sydney (Manly Dam, Mulgoa, Penrith, Regentville, Cranebrook, Weatherlyl) on Tuesday due to 50-150 mm of rainfall on Monday night and severe floods. Park.

By mid-Tuesday afternoon, SES reported that Manly Dam on Sydney’s Northern Beach had reached an Amber Alert and began an overflow.

People living in the lowlands below and downstream of the dam were asked to prepare for evacuation, including parts of Manly, Manly Vale, North Manly, and Brookvale.

At McKeller Girls High School, in the lowlands of Manly Vale, near a tributary of Manly Dam, the classrooms on the ground floor were flooded, and the parking lot and oval across the road were completely flooded.

When the school’s ninth grade arrived at school in the morning, he told the Epoch Times that only a small portion of the oval across the road was flooded, but there was no parking.

But in the afternoon, “I saw the car almost completely submerged and one floating,” she said.

“The oval is completely underwater and has a deep neck.”

Epoch Times Photo
Scene outside McKeller Girls High School in Manly Vale, Sydney, Australia, March 8, 2022 (image provided by The Epoch Times)

She added that the classroom on the ground floor of the school is flooded with water that reaches the student’s shins.

SES spokesmen, meanwhile, appear to have peaked overnight with a massive flood along the Georges River, but still moderate to massive floods around the outskirts of Liverpool. I said there is.

The Hawkesbury River has also been hit by massive floods, affecting Windsor, Sackville and North Windsor, with levels above last week’s levels.

SES requires residents near the waterways connecting the Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers to keep up-to-date with the latest warnings.

Rainfall in Sydney is expected to ease later Tuesday afternoon, but as cyclones continue to move south, isolated rainfall of over 100 millimeters is expected in Illawarra and the South Coast region of New South Wales. Will be.

Although it is set to ease the rain late tonight, severe weather warnings are still being issued from the Hunter Region to the South Coast, including Sydney.

Wind damage is expected, with gusts of over 90 kilometers per hour expected. A SES spokesman also warned that travel is currently not recommended due to the risk of falling trees and power lines, as well as rainfall and flash floods. In addition to potential landslides.

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