New footage on January 6 shows that the Capitol riots are threatening to “cut off their heads.”

In a new video released on January 6, 2021, a man in Texas yells at a “stolen” presidential election in a Capitol attack and demands public killing of elected officials. Is shown.

“Cut off your head!” He yells at some point.

The announcement by the Justice Department came just hours after a Republican leader announced a resolution stating that those who attacked the Capitol on Friday engaged in “legal political discourse.”

Video guy, Ryan Nichols, Arrested In the days following the attack, he pleaded guilty to all charges against him, including assaults with crowbar and pepper spray. His proceeding is still pending in federal court.

Nichols filmed himself talking about Vice President Mike Pence, who told his supporters that President Donald Trump has the power to overturn the outcome of the presidential election during the official certification process-this Is wrong. At his “Stop Stealing” rally just before the attack on the Capitol, Trump expressed his hope that Pence would bid for him and intervene. I didn’t pence.

“I’ve heard reports of Pence building a cave,” Nichols says in a video. “If Pence falls into a cave, she says she’ll drag Motherfucker down the street.”

“You’re going to get a fucking drug on the street by a fucking politician! I’m not going to steal your fucking shit,” he cheered from the Trump supporters around him.

“I’m telling you now, Ryan Nichols said that: if you vote for fucking treason, we’re going to drag your fucking ass down the street,” he said. Shout. Find you rebelling against this country! “

Nichols was indicted with his friend Alex Harcrider. Court documents show how the man posted about his involvement in the Facebook riots.

At some point outside the Capitol, Nichols is said to have shouted a weapon call at a loudspeaker. “If you have a weapon, you need to get one!”

His trial is scheduled to begin in July.

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