New Inflation Report Provides Questions About Dems’ $ 2 Trillion Banknotes


Washington (AP) — Report showing rising inflation On Friday, new questions were raised about the fate of President Joe Biden’s social and environmental bill at the fastest speed in nearly 40 years, and the two countries wondered if important Senator Joe Manchin would support the proposal. I expected it to have an impact.

Moderate Manchin, DW.Va.Spent months to force Democrats to trim $ 2 trillion package for 10 years Size, citing rising inflation as a reason to delay the work of the bill. The government announced on Friday that consumer prices rose at an annual rate of 6.8% last month. This is the best in 39 years.

Manchin’s aide did not immediately respond to requests for comment from lawmakers. On Thursday, he said in a brief interview he was “extremely worried” about inflation reports.

The political sensitivities of inflation and its impact on Democratic family services, health care and climate change bills were highlighted as leaders of both parties were trapped in rising inflation as ammunition over the bill.

Democrats argued that the report increased the need to approve a bill that included many of Biden’s main domestic goals. They said that initiative to strengthen spending and tax credits for healthcare, children’s expenses, education and other programs would help families cope with rising prices. Most of the bill will be paid in tax increases for large wealthy companies.

“For someone like me who is worried about the costs faced by American families, going through the BBB is the quickest and most direct step we can offer,” Biden said in a statement. , Said using the acronym for the official name of the bill. Better. “

Republicans argued that spending on the bill would further drive inflation. This is because supply chain delays have made product availability difficult and a strong underlying economy has driven spending.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, Republicans, said inflation meant that “the average American had a wage cut” and “Senator Democrats spend another large socialist. It can be packaged in an unthinkable few days to rush in and try to respond to this inflation report. “

Senate leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. Wants to reach a final compromise with Manchin and other Democrats on unresolved issues and push the final package into his room by Christmas.

It’s unclear if he can meet that timeline. All Democrats in 50-50 rooms must support it so that Vice President Kamala Harris can vote for a tiebreaker to approve it.

The House of Representatives approved the first version of the bill last month.