New Jersey female, 26, is likely to be charged for Sunday’s rescue, says Fish and Games

February 21-The New Hampshire Fish and Games Department may charge a 26-year-old New Jersey woman who needed to be rescued from Lincoln’s Liberty Spring Trail on Sunday.

Around 4:30 pm, the department was informed that hikers were suffering on the trail. According to a news release, a hiking companion called 911 for help.

Conservation officers and members of the Pemigewasett Valley Search and Rescue Team met Jersey City hiker Aleeza Shaikh, 26, at about 5:56 pm, about a mile from Trailhead.

According to a news release, a group of hikers came across a shake lying on the trail and helped move her again.

“Aleeza was able to hike the rest of the trail with little help, accompanied by a small rescue team,” the news release reads.

The group arrived at the Liberty Springs parking lot by 7 pm.

According to a news release, hikers were only planning a day trip and didn’t have the equipment they needed to spend the night. According to a news release, Fish and Games expects to invoice hikers for preventable rescue.

Many people underestimate the time required to complete a mountain hike in snow and ice conditions, the agency said.

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