New Jersey rescuers say rip currents are pushing three children from the beach to the sea

New Jersey officials told the press that three young swimmers were rescued in Ocean City after being swept into the sea by a rip current.

Children Carried away By noon on Saturday, May 21, officials told WPVI near 10th Avenue.

Ocean City Beach Patrol employees working to open a nearby beach were in a hurry to help when they found a 12-year-old boy. I found his shirt In the waves, OCNJ Daily reported.

Jet ski rescuer Pulled the boy reported that a rescuer from the water had given him CPR. He was taken to the hospital and then transferred to the trauma center. His condition was not clear.

The other two kids went down the road Return to the shore WPVI reported on its own. They were taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

Arizona rescue team says a woman lost her leg in a water ski accident on a troubled lake

Eleven people are swimming towards the United States, hindered by border guards, officials said.

Friends are trying to save a teenager trapped in the water at a white water park, according to Oregon officials.