New Jersey student takes his life after months of bullying, video of school hallway beating goes viral

This story may contain disturbing details. If you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988.

14 year old girl from new jersey ended her life after a disturbing video of girls severely beating her in a high school hallway went viral online. By doing so, we promise to remember her legacy.

Central Regional High School student Adriana Kuch was found dead in her home on February 3, two days after the shocking video was released.

Adriana Cucci

Adriana Kuch is remembered as “a happy, funny, stubborn, strong beautiful girl”.

Disturbing video shows Adriana and her boyfriend walking down a hallway of locals high school When a student approached and started punching her in the face with a water bottle. Adriana falls to the ground, where she is repeatedly kicked and punched by a group of students. Cheers go up from the students who took the shocking video.

Approximately 30 seconds into the attack, two school personnel interrupted the ambush.

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After the February 1st attack, Adriana suffered severe bruising on her legs and face. Adriana’s father, Michael Kush, was shocked to hear about the bullying incident. He told Fox News Digital that he took the 14-year-old teen to the local police station to report the incident. Berkeley Township Police Department It did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

The father also said his daughter showed him videos on TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat in which he made fun of and threatened him after the attack. Adriana reportedly faced months of bullying from her local high school classmates.

Adriana Cucci

Adriana Kuch’s face was bloody and bruised following an ambush in a school hallway on February 1st.

Adriana Cucci

Adriana’s Kuch has a scar on her leg from being bullied at a local high school.

Even though I reached out school teacher, Michael shared that “no one took action” after the incident. Just two days after her death, her family found Adriana dead at her home in New Jersey.

Michael told Fox News Digital that he was taking legal action against the school.

“I am furious,” Michael told Fox News Digital. “I blame the girls, the school and the police. I want everyone to know what happened to her. I want justice.” , we want to give them as much attention as possible so that they cannot be ignored.”

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Michael believes his daughter would have lived if the school and police had taken immediate action.

“If the school had contacted the police, called them, and conducted an investigation, these videos could have been found sooner,” Michael shared.

On February 5, Chuo High School sent a memo to the student council sharing the “tragic death” of a district student. The school will also provide information about available counseling and crisis specialists, saying, ‘Know that you are never alone in the world. Always support To help change things for the better in bad times. “

Central Regional High School did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital.

Adriana Cucci

Adriana Kush’s father then seeks justice

But Michael shared that Adriana wasn’t the first student at Central Regional High School. widespread physical abuse Cyberbullying on school grounds. On his public Facebook page, Michael shared videos of other parents facing bullying without school intervention.

“The more I stand against schools like this, the more I want to fight for all children,” Michael said. “Completely incompetent from top to bottom”


As of Thursday night, three students involved in the video incident had been charged with third-degree felony assault, and a fourth student had been charged with disorderly conduct. All four of her students involved in the attack were expelled from the local high school.

Adriana’s wake is on Friday.