New legislation makes liberals strict for some crimes and easier for others


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The proposed federal law could imprison someone for 10 years to protest outside the hospital, while other laws promised by the free government are many drugs, including certain violent gun crimes. And will reduce the mandatory minimum sentence for weapons crimes.

Bill C-3, with a second reading in progress in the House of Representatives, acts “intended to cause a state of fear” to prevent someone from receiving medical services or to interfere with medical professionals. Add criminal law violations to those who do. Because their assistants do their job.

Anyone who “knowingly obstructs or obstructs the legitimate access of others to the place where a medical professional provides medical services” commits a crime. The maximum sentence is 10 years in prison.

At the same time, the Liberal Party has reintroduced the old bill C-22 on the premise of reducing the “overrepresentation” of blacks, indigenous peoples, and marginalized people in prisons.

The newly named Bill C-5, filed on 7 December, enforces gun-related crimes such as firearm robbery, firearm blackmail, weapon smuggling, intentional firearm firing, and firearm use. Eliminate the time of a typical prison. Crime consignment. In the case of crimes such as drug trafficking and the manufacture of illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, fentanyl and crystal meth, drug sellers are no longer subject to compulsory imprisonment.

Under Bill C-5, more prisoners could avoid prisons and instead be sentenced to conditional sentences such as house arrest. This applies to crimes such as sexual assault, kidnapping, trafficking, kidnapping of persons under the age of 14, car theft, theft of more than $ 5,000, intrusion and intrusion, physical harm or assault with weapons.

However, under Bill C-3, the exacerbating situation of judgments that could lead to heavy judgments is that “criminal consignment has the effect of preventing others from receiving medical services, including personal care services. Evidence that it was there “is included.

A government news release accompanying the first reading of the bill on November 26 mentions protecting “people who provide abortion services” and threatening someone to provide or seek medical care “especially the world”. “During the epidemic,” he said was unacceptable.

Target ideological enemies

Marty Moore, a lawyer at the Judiciary Center for Constitutional Freedom, states that the government’s dominant hand for minor crimes and the softness of serious crimes themselves are issues.

“The rule of law will require that the punishment for breaking the law is exactly the same and respond to the harm caused. But we often see politicians. Is ignoring the elements of harm and trying to target ideological enemies with criminal law measures, “Moore said in an interview.

“Currently, the government seems to be more interested in targeting ideological enemies than in targeting those who are harming through the harm caused or serious crimes. , It’s always a concern in society and I don’t think it works well. “

Bill C-3 is guilty of obstruction “only for the purpose of obtaining or disseminating information and simply because it attends, is near, or approaches the location mentioned in its subsection.” It is clear that you are not committing.

Sayeh Hassan, a lawyer at another judicial center, said Bill C-3 is aimed at people who “may be doing a little more than a peaceful rally or rally.” However, she states that under Article 430 of the Criminal Code, police already have the authority to prosecute such people. It will cover the hospital. “

This makes the proposed measures “totally unnecessary,” and the purpose of these measures may be to scare protesters, Hassan said.

“In the 14 years I’ve been practicing criminal law, I’ve never seen a judge sentence anyone to a maximum sentence, so I’m trying to intimidate people by sentenced them to this very horrifying 10-year maximum sentence. There may be a little effort to do, “she said.

“They say this is to protect health care workers and protect the patients they have. On the other hand, they dismissed health care workers due to vaccine problems and medical care. It brings all sorts of disciplinary action to workers, so there are many inconsistencies. “

Lee Harding


Lee Harding is a Saskatchewan-based journalist and think tank researcher and contributor to The Epoch Times.