New Mexico Wilderness Areas Grow With Large Donations

Albuquerque, New Mexico (AP) — US Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland visits his home state on Saturday to donate land to the largest wilderness in government history and the Biden administration protects nearly one-third of the United States We celebrated the addition to the country’s land ownership as we aim to do so. Land and waters by 2030.

With a donation of 15 square miles (40 square kilometers) from the Trust for Public Land Sabino Soi Wilderness Area in Northeastern New Mexico Almost 50%. The property includes steep canyons, pinon and juniper forested mesas, ponderosa pine tree pockets, and savanna-like meadows.

Harland, who joined other officials in a remote area of ​​San Miguel County, admitted that the area constitutes part of the ancestral home of the Gicarella Apache and Pueblo in northern New Mexico. She said that for generations, families have relied on land for nutrition, which is of great significance to many who visit the area for peace and tranquility.

“We are here today because we recognize the importance of protecting this special place,” she said in a prepared statement, “Nature is the health of all families and all communities. I know that it is essential for happiness and prosperity. “

Biden administration Issued a report earlier this year The project, entitled “America The Beautiful,” called for a decade-long commitment to a national project to make land and water conservation and restoration an urgent priority. The lofty plan aims to purify drinking water, expand green spaces, improve access to recreation and restore fishing. Recognize the contributions of farmers, ranchers, rural communities, indigenous peoples, etc., reducing the risk of wildfires.

Harland said areas like Sabino Soi Wilderness are an important part of the puzzle as the administration is trying to reach its goals.

“This kind of collaboration we see today is a way to reach that goal over the next decade,” she said.

Sabinoso gained federal wilderness protection in 2009, but was inaccessible to visitors because the federal parcels were blocked by landlocked nations.

The Land Management Department, in collaboration with conservation groups and members of the New Mexico State Capitol delegation, accepted a donation of approximately 6 square miles (15 square kilometers) from the Wilderness Land Trust in 2017. It provided public access for the first time.

Currently, donations from Trust for Public Land provide a second access point and permanent protection for tributaries that flow into the existing wilderness.

Senator Martin Heinrich, a Democrat in New Mexico, first visited the Sabino Soy Wilderness Area about 15 years ago and has been working to open the Sabino Soy Wilderness Area to the public ever since. He describes it as “one of New Mexico’s most spectacular landscapes.”

The region supports a variety of wildlife, from elks and deer to mountain lions, Turkey and bears.

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