New Orleans police officer Lil Wayne, called “Uncle Bob,” has died. After he saved his life, the rapper spent praising his career.

  • Robert Hoobler was found dead on Friday at his home in the Parish of Jefferson, Louisiana.

  • Hoobler saved Lil Wayne’s life after the rapper committed suicide at the age of twelve.

  • Lil Wayne called Hoobler “Uncle Bob” and offered to financially support him in 2019.

A former New Orleans police officer who saved the life of rapper Lil Wayne in 1994 was found dead on Friday at his home in Jefferson’s Parish, Louisiana.

The cause of death has not been identified, but a friend of Hoobler said Local paper NOLA A former officer was working on a health problem after being amputated in a car accident.

Lil Wayne called Hoobler “Uncle Bob” after saving his life by attempting suicide. Wayne, then known as Dwain Carter Jr., shot his chest at the age of 12 while he was at home alone.

Wayne 2021 interview As a kid, he has tackled many mental health problems and suicidal ideation.

Hoobler said In NOLA’s 2009 article When I arrived after listening to the phone during off-hours, I heard a faint voice saying, “Help! I was shot.”

When he called the emergency medical service, he spoke to Wayne and said, “Get up.” Hoobler later learned that there was no ambulance, but instead of waiting, the captain ordered the young Wayne to take himself to the hospital.

Hoobler put Wayne on his lap in the backseat of a police car and bleeded everywhere until he arrived at the local hospital in Jefferson’s parish. He told Wayne, “I’ll be fine.”

The nurse later told Hoobler that Wayne would have been dead if he had been waiting for the ambulance, Hoobler said.

Hoobler later worked as an officer of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, Dismissed in 2012 For tasting and using a racist slur against a black man he arrested after discussion.

TMZ reported in 2019 Lil Wayne told Hoobler that he would somehow support him financially. Wayne also offered to pay for Hoobler’s funeral after he was rumored to have died earlier, but Hoobler said he was alive.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

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