New police COVID-19 power Fordback truck in a fierce backlash


Toronto — Fierce criticism of new anti-pandemic forces that allowed Ontario police to stop drivers and pedestrians and ask where they live and why they aren’t at home was on Saturday Was urged to reconsider the measures.

As the number of infected people in hospitals reached record levels, Premier Doug Ford tweeted that measures would be revealed, including closing all outdoor recreational facilities and playgrounds.

“Tighter restrictions in Ontario have always been aimed at stopping large-scale rallies where proliferation can occur,” Ford said. “Our rules will be amended to allow playgrounds, but outdoor gatherings will continue to take place.”

Earlier, government sources talking about the background told Canadian press that the “clarification” of police power was awaiting final approval.

“We’ve heard a lot of feedback on this in the last 24 hours regarding scope and applicability,” said a source who wasn’t allowed to speak publicly.

Civil libertarians and experts have attacked a new anti-pandemic limit announced on Friday that Ford went in the wrong direction.

According to them, the additional police power aimed at enforcing the stay-at-home order was overkill.

The closure of outdoor spaces has puzzled many public health professionals who said the measures didn’t make sense.

“Outdoor activities are essential for mental and physical health, especially for home orders,” said Dr. Isaac Bogotti, a member of the state’s COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force, in a tweet.

“Science is clear. Outdoor COVID infections are very rare.”