New polls show that the majority of Americans are interested in prioritizing child safety at the border over improving safety


In this March 27, 2019 file photo, Central American immigrants were built by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to handle the proliferation of immigrant families and unaccompanied minors in El Paso, Texas. Waiting for food with a pen. AP Photo / Cedar Attanasio, File

  • New poll It provides insight into the perceptions of Americans about immigration and borders.

  • The findings suggest that immigrants may be a weakness of the Biden administration so far.

  • Americans say the top priority is the need to reunite parents and children separated at the border.

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A New immigration vote Published Monday, it provides insights into the perceptions of the American public about the current border situation. The Biden administration continues to wrestle with a large number of unaccompanied minors close to record Go to the country.

Associated Press-A poll by the National Poll Center suggests that immigration has been a weakness for President Joe Biden so far. ..

Public opinion on Biden’s treatment of immigrants has so far fallen short of other major issues, including the coronavirus pandemic and economic treatment. According to the Associated Press. Polls show that less than half (42%) approve Biden’s overall immigration control, and 44% approve border security. These percentages are significantly lower than 61% of Americans who say the new president approves how he treats his work overall.

Opinion polls show that Republicans and independents are far more critical of Biden’s immigration approach than Democrats. Only 8% and 11% of Republicans and independents, respectively, said they strongly or to some extent approved the treatment of Biden’s unaccompanied minors, compared to 44% of Democrats.

Despite the expected division of parties, polls also reveal public opinion on more subtle policy details.

Two immigration issues, which respondents said should be a top priority for the federal government, reunite children and parents who were separated at the border and safely treat unaccompanied minors at the border. That is. Sixty-five percent and 59% of Americans marked the issue as a high priority, respectively, and about half said improving border security should be a high priority.

Other issues that Americans have said are less important are providing a way for immigrants to stay legally, deporting immigrants who live illegally in the United States, and making immigrants who live in the United States illegal. Penalize hiring companies, expand programs to give temporary work visas, and allow refugees to escape violence and come to the United States.

Opinion polls suggest that it illegally provides the people of the United States with a path to citizenship, but not at the top of the list of U.S. immigration priorities, but Biden’s Ambitious review of the country’s immigration system That’s exactly what was proposed earlier this year, creating an opportunity to win an estimated 11 million citizenships.

Polls show that Americans’ disagreements about immigrants extend to racial and ethnic groups. According to AP, 92% of black Americans and 67% of Hispanics approve how Biden treats his work overall, compared to 52% of white Americans. Stated. However, when it comes to immigrants, 74% of black Americans and 50% of Hispanic Americans say they approve the treatment of Biden, while only 34% of white Americans do.

Despite increasing talk of border conditions being at stake, Americans are not worried that immigrants pose a more direct threat to the United States than other possible hazards. .. The epidemic of infectious diseases, extremists, China’s impact on the world, climate change, Iran’s nuclear trade, and North Korea’s nuclear issue were all ranked higher as direct threats to the country than illegal immigrants.

According to AP, the AP-NORC poll was conducted March 26-29 using a sample of 1,166 adults designed to represent the US population.

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