New proposal, annexation could add thousands of homes to SW Boise

Murgoitio’s name is causing another turmoil in Southwest Boise.

The Murgoitio family is annexing 383.6 acres of land for a planned city in Ada County, which is no longer incorporated. Landowners are seeking permission to build up to 3,452 homes on the premises. A document filed last week through the land development company Land Group calls for a repartition of the Boise City Annex and its area.

The proposed community location, called Murio Farm, is north of the New York Canal, between Cole Road and Maple Grove Road.

According to records submitted to the city, Murio Farm consists of nine plots, eight of which are owned by members of the Murgoitio family. The ninth parcel is owned by the local developer Don Hubble, who owns Hubble Homes. The city’s declaration states that up to 9 homes per acre, for a total of 3,452 homes, could be built. Online plan We offer a variety of Murio Farm housing types, including single-family homes, townhouses and apartments.

However, the presentation given to the Southwest district suggests that the developers are not planning to build homes on all 383 acres. Instead, Murio Farm’s “potential projects” include the new West Ada Elementary School, community parks, cultural experiences, various housing options, neighborhood town centres with restaurants and retail stores, community paths, and wildlife observations. Includes points, two nearby commercial areas. ..

Cathy Corres, chairman of the South Call Neighborhood Association, said the surrounding area was not positively responding to Murio Farm’s proposal. In April, the Murgoitio family provided information to the Southwest District.

“I think we need a home, and everyone supports it,” Corress said. “But you can’t push it all into Southwest Boise.”

Her biggest concern is the lack of infrastructure, she said, “it’s too early” for the region to be able to cope with such a lot of growth.

“Currently, it’s very overwhelming in Southwest Boise,” said Corres. “People tell me they can’t get out of their driveway. It’s shocking to see much of this development hit southwestern Boise at the same time. They have a lot of houses in Murgoitio Park. We are turning it into a large potential plot. LocaleI think there are 1200 units. And another 3,000 homes? We are overwhelmed. “

Members of the Murgoitio (pronounced Mer-GERT-ee-o) family were once and now Murgoitio parcel where the city promised to build a 160-acre park.. The place recently got a lot of attention when the city began to consider land exchanges to give land to home developers. Despite its name, Murgoitios has not owned the land since 1992.

“For almost a century, the Murgoitio family has been farming in southwestern Boise, contributing to the Boise community and managing the land,” said the Land Group website. “They help you and your neighbors create a planned city that celebrates the site’s agricultural heritage, local landscape, and pioneer spirit as they move their families to fit the evolving Southwestern Boise landscape. We seek feedback from others. Their Basque heritage within the framework of Boise’s Comprehensive Plan. “

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