New South Wales Labor Party leader denies knowledge of “dirty paperwork” as two lawmakers

Sydney — New South Wales (NSW) Labor Opposition Leader Jodi McKay downplayed the proposal that two lawmakers faced a leadership outflow after two lawmakers resigned from the Shadow Cabinet this week.

This was after the deputy leader’s office staff distributed to the media the “dirty paperwork” of Chris Mins, a transportation spokesperson for the New South Wales Department of Labor, which is considered a potential candidate for leadership.

Mins, who had previously lost his leadership challenge to McKay in 2019, resigned on Tuesday.

“It’s clearly very disappointing that the deputy leader of the Labor Party office distributed the soil documents to yesterday’s news report,” Mins said. Written in the statement..

“In the last 24 hours, I have not been contacted or explained by a leader or deputy leader about how or why this was done.

“As a result, I can’t support my position in the Shadow Cabinet and will soon resign. I will continue to serve the Labor Party and my electorate Kogarah from the back bench.

“The public wants a contest of ideas and visions to improve the lives of working families, not negative politics,” he said.

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Labor’s shadow finance officer, Walt Secord, speaks to media outside the COVID-19 pop-up test clinic, which opened today at the Bondi Pavilion in Sydney, Australia, on April 1, 2020. (MarkMetcalfe / Getty Images)

Following this, McKay stood in front of the media, where she denied her knowledge of “dirty paperwork.” This has led Walt Secor, a spokesman for the New South Wales Department of Labor and Finance, to offer his own resignation.

“I can no longer serve in the Shadow Cabinet led by Jody McKay,” Secord said. Written in the statement..

“Immediately in effect, I will resign from the Front Bench as Shadow Accounting and Shadow Arts Minister.

Secode said he had disagreed with McKay on key policy issues, parliamentary and strategic decisions and directions over the past two years, but nevertheless he did his best to maintain the state. Said that. [Liberal] The government explains.

“I was a team player,” he added. “But this morning, the actions of the staff of the Deputy Labor leader who distributed the files to colleagues were completely unacceptable.

“In short, I absolutely hated it,” he added, vowing to support Labor candidates in the 2023 state elections.

McKay has now remodeled the Shadow Cabinet and has denied the proposal to face a spill this week.

“We want to make sure that the Shadow Cabinet has the best people,” she says. Told Sky News..

“Obviously, leaving Chris is a blow, but I respect his decision. As I said, he is a decent person.”

Staff who said McKay had unilaterally decided to distribute “Dirt Dosier” to the press gallery were fired Tuesday morning. “I didn’t have the knowledge,” McKay said.

She rejected the idea that colleagues, including Mins, would challenge her for leadership. Leadership takes place after a party that claims to be for a “working family” loses a by-election in the blue-collar Upper Hunter constituency.

“I have the support of my colleagues and I need to continue withholding. [NSW Premier] Gladys Berejikrian explains, “McKay said Tuesday morning. He then poured water on the possibility that Mins would challenge her for leadership.

“I think it’s Chris [Minns] I always had leadership ambitions, “she said. “I think he’s tried three times now to demonstrate leadership, but he needs the support of his colleagues. He’s a decent person, hardworking, sorry he’s gone, but I need it. To put this together. To … make sure there is support there. And you know, he just doesn’t have it. “