New South Wales Roadmap Details on Announced 80% Vax Target


Details of the roadmap from the blockade of New South Wales (NSW) will be revealed, and restrictions will be relaxed once the 80% COVID-19 vaccination target is achieved.

NSW Premier Gladys Beregicrian Told reporters Fully vaccinated individuals are free to move around the state from the first Monday after the state reaches 80% of the vaccination threshold, attend local events and drink at local pubs. You can drink. This includes all citizens within the area of ​​interest of Sydney’s 12 municipalities.

The only exception to unvaccinated is that they are allowed to attend the place of worship.

The government expects the state to reach 70% vaccination on October 11th and 80% vaccination two weeks after October 25th.

On December 1, restrictions on unvaccinated people will be lifted as they join other parts of the state to regain their freedom.

By then, masks are no longer needed in outdoor and indoor offices, and there is no limit to the number of people who can visit or gather outdoors. Community sports are also open to everyone.

Berejiklian hopes that more than 90% of the adult population will be fully vaccinated by December.

“I think today is a very disappointing day for those who have not been vaccinated,” she said. “To be able to enjoy what others have enjoyed, you need to wait at least 4-5 weeks after receiving 80% of the two doses.”

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NSW Premier Gladys Beregicrian will be offering the COVID-19 update in Sydney, Australia on September 27, 2021. (Joel Carrett – Pool / Getty Images)

While the state is gradually opening, Beregicrian “pays utmost care” to everyone, including those who are fully vaccinated, as if they or those around them have COVID-19. Asked to act.

“In the experience of many countries around the world, people thought they were wearing additional armor when they were fully vaccinated and probably ignored health orders,” said Beregikrian. “We ask people to really think about making sure you’re acting as if you’re still sick or someone else might have. rice field.”

Unvaccinated citizens are not allowed to run or run a business until December 1. In short, many businesses will “back”.

“If you choose not to vaccinate, some individuals or businesses may retreat, which is a decision for them,” said Beregikrian.

She acknowledged and accepted that “some individuals” had a very strong view, but said the government would not distract.

“People have those opportunities in democracy, they are free to exercise them, and it is in them,” said Beregikrian. “But the legal system recognizes the existence of health orders in exceptional circumstances.”

The announcement of the new restrictions will be made as in other countries, removing all health restrictions and vaccine passports around COVID-19.

Denmark NS All COVID-19 restrictions except September 10 external border requirements after reclassifying COVID-19 as no longer a significant threat to human life. This downgrade of the classification means that the vaccine passport is no longer required.

Norway Presentation On September 24th and September 25th, all domestic COVID-19 restrictions will be removed.

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Deputy Prime Minister of NSW John Barillaro will speak at the COVID-19 update and news conference in Sydney, Australia, on July 28, 2021, under the watchful eye of NSW Prime Minister Gladys Beregicrian. .. (Lisa Marie Williams Pool / Getty Images)

From October 11th to December 1st, the rule of 4 square meters per person will come into effect. Deputy Prime Minister John Barillaro said that once the restrictions were lifted, the two-square-meter rule would apply entirely.

“The message to unvaccinated people is that no further freedom can be achieved without vaccination,” Barillaro said.

Barillaro also warned that unvaccinated citizens of New South Wales, who now enjoy greater freedom than Greater Sydney, could lose their freedom once the roadmap is enacted.

“The 70 percent roadmap applies state-wide, so individuals in the New South Wales region who choose not to be vaccinated will lose their freedom on October 11,” he said. ..

From September 27th, the outdoor pool was opened to the public, and the construction site was fully operational.


Travel between Greater Sydney and the New South Wales region is permitted.

Caravan parks and campgrounds can be operated, including those who are not completely vaccinated.

Carpooling is permitted. People who are not fully vaccinated can only carpool with their families.

Gathering at home or in public

Up to 10 visitors (excluding children under 12 years old) in homes where all adults are vaccinated.

People who are not fully vaccinated can only gather outdoors in groups of two.


Community sports are back.

Hospitality venue

The hospitality area can be opened by one person per 4 square meters indoors and one person per 2 square meters outdoors and is allowed to stand indoors while drinking alcohol.

People who are not fully vaccinated can only access hospitality facilities for takeaway.

Weddings, funerals, churches

There are no restrictions on guests who are fully vaccinated for weddings and funerals.

Those who are not fully vaccinated can only attend weddings with up to 5 guests (without reception).

Churches and places of worship can be opened by one person per 4 square meters without singing. Those who are not fully vaccinated are allowed.

Hairdressing and nail salon

Personal services such as hairdressing, nail salon, spa, beauty, waxing, tattoos and massages can be started by one person per 4 square meters with no limit on the number of clients.

All further changes from December 1st:

These settings apply to all NSW citizens, regardless of vaccination status.

Gathering in a home or outdoor public space

There is no limit to the number of visitors to your home.

Density shifts to 1 person per 2 square meters in indoor and outdoor settings.

There is no limit to the number of people who can attend informal outdoor meetings.

COVIDSafe plan required for outdoor events of 1,000 or more people.

Community sports are allowed for everyone.

Previously announced 70% kick-in freedom:

Next week, we will reach the 70% double inoculation milestone, which could give us new freedom from Monday, October 11th.

These freedoms apply to vaccination and there are some concessions for children.

Hospitality venue

The shop can be opened by one person for every 4 square meters rule.

Unvaccinated people can only access important retail stores, such as supermarkets, as they do today.

* Gym and indoor recreational facilities can be opened by one person per 4 square meter rule, with a class limit of 20.

* You can open sports facilities such as a swimming pool.

Stadiums, theaters and major outdoor recreational facilities

* Major outdoor recreational facilities such as stadiums, racetracks, theme parks and zoos can be opened by one person per 4 square meters, up to a maximum of 5,000 people.

* Up to 500 people can participate in ticket and seated outdoor events.

* Indoor entertainment venues such as cinemas, theaters, music halls, museums and galleries can be opened by one person per 4 square meters, or 75% fixed seating capacity.

Weddings, funerals, places of worship

* Churches and places of worship are open to one person per 4 square meter / m rule without singing.


* Caravan parks and campgrounds can be opened.

* Carpooling is permitted.

* Unvaccinated persons under the age of 16 have access to all outdoor settings, but indoor venues are only accessible if there are family members.

* The employer must continue to allow employees to work from home if the worker can do so.


Masks continue to be a must for all indoor public facilities such as public transport, home hospitality, retail and business facilities, on airplanes, and at airports.

Only hospitality staff need to wear masks outdoors.

Children under the age of 12 do not need a mask indoors.


Kindergarten and first grade students will return to the classroom on October 25th.

Grade 12 students conducting the HSC exam will be able to study on campus from October 25th.

Rebecca Chu